HTML, Web Development

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HTML, Web Development
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url: HTML-Web-Development-Online-Course-Udemy-Coupon-FREE-Deal-Discount-Sale Reference: " The Ultimate HTML Developer Learn proper HTML from scratch. Practice with quizzes at the end of each module and tasks at the end of each video. What Will I Learn? Live code written right in front of you A description of what each lesson is about A task to practice what you've learned in every video The final code for each task so you can compare your work to the right answers 2 modules with extensive quizzes that have over 170 questions The ability to look at the source code of any website and understand how the page works. The ability to create your own website with using HTML The ability to read, write and understand HTML: The structure behind every website - Requirements You'll need a browser and text editor. I'll help you get started with both. Description The Ultimate HTML Developer Course is about teaching you proper HTML. HTML is the structure behind every web page and you cannot create a website without using HTML, including mobile websites and cross-platform compatible HTML5 apps. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about HTML, XHTML and HTML5. Even if you know HTML, this course will teach you the ins and outs of HTML and challenge what you think you know. This course specializes in HTML only. You will become a professional in just a few hours! This course is very compact. Other development courses are bloated with empty space, watching the teacher code in silence and other time-wasting events. The Ultimate HTML Developer Course has removed all time-wasting sections of a video and is designed to teach you the most HTML in the shortest time while getting hands on practice. The total course is just three hours, split into videos that are no longer than 10 minutes each. By the end of this course you will know as much HTML as a college student and you'll be 100% ready to move on to the next step as a professional. Why take this course? If you have an idea, want to start a company or just want to make websites for fun, this course is for you. The Ultimate HTML Developer Course gives you all the HTML skills you will need to succeed as a web developer. Still not sure about this course? Preview the first few lessons of this course for free to get a clear idea of what you can expect from every video. Sponsored by Arkmont, online education for anyone, by everyone. Who is the target audience? This course is intended for people who want to get into web development. No prior education is required. No need to purchase or install any specialized software. Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 53 Lectures 03:20:11 – Introduction 04:29 Introduction Preview 03:56 What is HTML? Preview 00:33 – How to... 06:25 How to Use 02:56 How to Ask Great Questions 03:29 – Module 1: Getting Started 01:14:57 Developer Support Group 01:02 Very Important! 01:32 HTML Editors Preview 02:42 HTML Browsers Preview 04:11 HTML Elements Preview 04:28 Hello World Preview 02:11 HTML Title Preview 01:30 HTML DOCTYPE Preview 01:43 HTML Attributes Preview 05:53 HTML Headings Preview 02:48 HTML Line Breaks Preview 03:30 HTML Bold Preview 00:54 HTML Italics Preview 01:05 HTML Underline Preview 01:57 HTML Comments Preview 02:24 HTML Links Preview 02:44 HTML Internal Links Preview 03:17 HTML Images Preview 05:14 HTML Block vs. Inline Elements Preview 07:04 HTML Div Preview 02:47 HTML Lists Preview 05:18 HTML Tables Preview 10:43 Module 1 Quiz 69 questions – Module 2: Advanced HTML 01:54:20 HTML DOM 02:11 Don't Forget About This! 00:48 XHTML 03:05 HTML Inline CSS 03:46 HTML Internal CSS 06:02 HTML External CSS 06:21 HTML Classes 03:19 HTML ID's 05:44 HTML Quotes 03:46 HTML Computer Code 02:37 HTML Strong and Emphasis 04:27 HTML Head Elements 02:18 HTML Metadata 04:41 HTML Favicon 01:56 HTML Entities 03:31 HTML Forms 02:49 HTML Form Element Attributes 09:51 HTML Input 03:37 HTML Textarea 05:02 HTML Button 04:41 HTML Select 04:50 HTML GET 05:30 HTML POST 04:06 HTML Semantics 04:11 HTML Video 04:22 HTML Audio 03:55 HTML Responsive Design 06:54 Module 2 Quiz 109 questions " -

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