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PHP, Web Development, Website Development
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url: PHP-Web-Development-Website-Online-Course-Udemy-Coupon-FREE-Deal-Discount-Sale Reference: " Basics Of PHP For absolute Beginners Learn basic of PHP in easy steps - What Will I Learn? Build PHP Website Get basic Concepts of PHP Requirements No prerequisites We start from Very Basics Description After this course you are able to know the basics of PHP and you able to develop small website using PHP. We cover all the PHP, Web Development, Website Developments step by step. Php is a very common and easy to use language. you must aware that Facebook is developed by PHP. Now a days all web development companies use PHP for web development. So if you know the concepts of PHP it is very easy to get a job in the field of IT. Who is the target audience? Anyone who want to learn PHP Who are interested on Web development Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 69 Lectures 07:13:00 – Introduction Of PHP 24:53 Introduction to PHP Preview 05:18 Installing Xampp Preview 05:42 Creating First File in PHP 06:39 Writing files on PHP 07:14 – Echo & Print Statement 11:48 php info() Preview 05:11 Echo Statement 06:37 – Variables 06:07 Veriables 06:07 – Concatenation in PHP 08:46 Concatenation 08:46 – Operators 14:29 Comparison Operator 09:00 Asssignment Operator 05:29 – Conditional Statements and Loop In PHP 26:17 If Else Statement Preview 05:21 If Elseif Else Statement 05:10 While Loop 05:18 Do While Loop 05:14 For Loop 05:14 – Function 02:54:08 User Defined Function 07:28 Global Veriable 06:52 variable length argument functions 14:48 Built in veriable function #1 06:53 Built in veriable function #2 08:55 Built in veriable function #3 09:33 String Function #1 08:01 String Function #3 13:48 String Function #2 09:49 Math function #1 07:15 Math function #2 06:34 Date function #1 06:44 Date function #2 08:17 Date function #3 04:03 Array Function #1 06:13 Array Functions #2 04:21 Array Functions #3 06:36 Array Functions #4 07:33 4 05:42 Array Functions #6 05:36 define() 04:57 include() & require() 06:07 header() 08:03 – Handling Database (MySQL) in PHP 01:15:34 MYSQL Query part-1 06:40 MYSQL query part-2 03:41 MYSQL Query part-3 04:03 MYSQL Query part-4 04:32 MYSQL Fetch Row 04:32 MySQL fetch array &affected rows 11:32 MYSQL close & MYSQL field type 07:08 MYSQL field len() 04:10 Mysql List dbs() 03:55 MYSQL Free Result() 03:13 mysql_client_encoding() 03:02 mysql_data_seek() 05:23 mysql_field_flags() 06:04 mysql_get_client_info() 02:12 mysql_get_host_info() 02:06 mysql get_proto_info() 03:21 – File Handling 24:40 Open File 08:53 Read File 05:07 Write File 05:03 fgets() 05:37 – Image 01:06:14 Image Upload Part #1 05:40 Image upload part #2 06:36 Image display part #1 05:11 Image Display part #2 07:45 Redirect Page using Header Function 06:17 Signup form part #1 06:01 Signup form part #2 08:00 Login form part #1 06:13 Login form part #2 06:58 Login form part #3 07:33 - Bonus - All Course Coupon Only at 00:04 Bonus - All Course Coupon Only at 00:04 " - OriginalURL

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