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"iOS 11 & Swift 4: The Complete Developer Course (Learn how to make online games, and apps for iOS11, like Pokémon , Twitter, Whatsapp , CoreML (Machine Learning))"
" Build Your First Mobile App with Swift4 Apply to jr. iOS development jobs Build real-world iOS apps like Twitter,Facebook, chatting, My Notes, Calculator, find my age, find sunrise time, restaurant menu, and Zoo app Build online games, like Pokémon, play tic tac toe online with friends. learn CoreML (Machine Learning) Work with New Firebase from Google and Web services (RESTful API calls) Work with Core data and sqlite Database Work with user location and maps Design amazing layout using Style, Color,Shape, Menu and ConstraintLayout Understand the programming foundation Understand the programming logic, condition and control Understand the OOP in Swift4 Use collections, And what is the better place to use collection 04:19 Introduction Preview 01:53 Install Xcode 9 on Mac 01:34 Learn Swift using Online editor 00:48 exercise files 00:04 – Variables 25:46 Run First App Preview 05:35 Variables 12:48 Var vs Let 04:21 Comments 03:02 – Operations and Priorities 35:43 Convert data Types 09:11 Math operations and priorities 11:56 App || Find my age 02:08 Strings 12:28 – Decision Making 37:40 Logic statement 12:15 Simple IF 07:32 If- Else 05:35 IF-ElseIF 04:28 Nested IF 03:04 Switch 04:46 – Loop Control 19:13 Simple For 07:22 Nested For 03:01 Repeat- While 04:27 Control Transfer Statements 04:23 – Collection Types 31:37 One-Dimension Array structure 09:04 Arrays 12:11 Sets 04:02 Dictionary 06:20 – Functions 19:14 Simple Functions 07:15 Overloading 03:17 Polymorphism 04:16 variable scope 04:26 – Object Oriented Programming 49:04 OOP concept Preview 02:36 Simple Class 11:03 Class Initialization 05:27 Inheritance 05:37 Override Function 04:38 Access Control 01:58 Type Casting 02:22 Protocol 04:51 Extensions 07:24 Enumerations 03:08 – iOS APP|| Find my age App 29:07 Find my age Preview Preview 00:39 Layout design 12:56 Implement App code 06:55 Get phone Time 02:25 Show Hide keyboard 06:12 – Calculator app 42:29 calculator preview Preview 00:56 layout design 13:20 Add colors to app 04:17 Number Click. 09:23 Add math operations 14:33 - Tic Tac toe game 43:22 Tic Tac Toy overview Preview 00:38 Layout design 06:47 Buttons call event and Add colors 12:26 Find winner 10:56 Play with device 12:35 - Pockemon Game 55:46 Pockemon Game preview Preview 00:43 Add google Map using cocopods 12:21 Show player location on the map 14:28 Show Pockemon on the map 11:19 Catch pockemon 12:54 Mapview tap event 04:01 - Zoo App 42:44 Zoo App preview Preview 00:40 TableView Design 18:06 add Data to TableView 18:17 TableView event 03:28 Add to TableView 02:13 - Restaurant Menu App 52:29 Restaurant App preview Preview 00:37 Collection View design 08:25 Read from property list 12:25 Show foods in Collection View 05:17 Show Food details Design 06:41 perform Segue to pass data between View controllers 08:19 Support different device size || Size classes 10:45 - Web services|| Find sunrise time 39:52 Find Sunrise time preview Preview 00:48 HTTP calls preview 01:33 learn is JSON vs XMLS 10:35 App layout design 06:09 retrive JSON from web service 16:09 Parallel process concept 02:32 Add parallel process to the App 02:06 - Core Data || My Notes App 01:16:30 My note preview. Preview 01:22 layout Add design. 05:55 Save notes to Database 09:00 Layout desgin for Add notes 12:35 Load notes 19:53 Segue problem 03:06 Delete Note. 06:14 Edit Note 15:06 Fix layout and reload data 03:19 - Core Data || My store App 01:13:28 My store preview Preview 01:04 Build database schema 06:19 Add Store 09:29 Add item UI design 13:36 Load store in PickerView. 08:07 Load image from phone 07:02 Add new item 07:13 List items 20:38 - Firebase|| Whatsapp App 01:10:08 Chat App preview Preview 00:45 Firebaser preview 02:12 Firebase analytic 09:41 Firebase login Anonymously 08:08 Save to Firebase Database 14:32 User login to Chat room. 09:12 View Room chat Text 25:38 - Firebase || Twitter App 03:33:03 Twitter App preview Preview 02:47 Firebase analytic ||Connect App to Firebase 09:27 Design login page 08:37 Firebase Authentication || Login with username and password 11:33 Pick image from Phone 04:04 Cloud Storage || Upload images to Firebase 19:13 Firebase Database || save to Firebase Database 14:34 User Login segue 14:34 Add Post design 14:25 Post with image 17:14 Post Without image 20:53 Post with image 12:23 Update post page to Show user name 19:47 Show person image 15:35 Change row height and show post date 05:49 Save user login info 05:25 Show Ads in App using AdmMob 16:43 - Firebase || online gaming 01:06:06 Online game preview Preview 01:22 import project and Connect with Firebase 04:36 Login to the game 19:54 update playing area 06:47 send play request 06:27 listen to incoming requests 10:13 Start play online 06:58 play online UI update 09:49 - CoreML || Detects objects present in an image 28:46 Object name detector preview Preview 00:57 Take pick using phone Camera 13:31 CoreML- Computer Visionn || Find object identification using 10:06 Text to speech 04:12 - Submit App to Apple Store 10:29 Create Apple developer account 01:51 Submit App to Apple Store 08:38 - Twitter App using MySql and PHP web service 02:00:43 What we Will Build 01:24 Build MYSQL Database schema 03:58 Build MYSQL database 20:10 PHP Web service and MYSQL || Register 16:56 PHP Web service and MYSQL || Login 10:31 PHP Web service and MYSQL || Add Post 06:28 PHP Web service and MYSQL || List Post 14:56 PHP Web service and MYSQL || follow- un follow 06:12 PHP Web service and MYSQL || Is following 02:53 TODO 00:01 Web services|| Node.js and MYSQL 19:16 Web services|| C# and SQL Server 17:58 "
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