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"Angular - All you need to know"
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/angular-all-you-need-to-know/?couponCode=THISWILLMAKEITFREE" * Learn the basics of Angular with handson. * * Built a Single Page Application using Angular * Using TypeScript * Implementing various building blocks in Angular * * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Introduction to Single Page Applications, Angular, TypeScript and Angular CLI * Introduction to Section 1 * What is a Single Page Application * What do we need Angular for? * Introduction to TypeScript * Basic Types in TypeScript * Let and Const * Spread and Destructure * Classes * Interfaces * Arrow Functions * Modules * Angular Application Architecture * Angular CLI * Project Structure * Decorators, Modules and Components * Introduction to Section 2 * Decorators * Styleguide * Modules in Angular * Application Bootstrap Mechanism * Components in Angular * Interaction between a Component Class and a Component Template * @Input Decorator in a Component. Input Properties * View Queries - View Child, View Children, Content Child, Content Children * Component Interaction * Change Detection Mechanism in Angular. ZoneJS, NgZones * Component Lifecycle Hooks, Routing, Guards * Introduction to Section 3 * Introduction to Lifecycle Hooks in Angular * Using Lifecycle Hooks in Angular * Introduction to Routing * Implementing Routing in an Angular App * Implementing Child Routes * Path Match and Route Types * Introduction to Route Guards in Angular * CanActivate and CanActivateChild Guards in Angular * CanDeactivate Guard in Angular * Prefetching Data for a Component using Resolve * Dependency Injection(As a Pattern, As a Framework), Services, HTTP, Observables * Introduction to Section 4 * DI as a Pattern, DI as a Framework and Types of Providers * Hierarchical Dependency Injection * Introduction to Services in Angular * GET data from a Rest API using HttpClient * CRUD Operations using HttpClient, HttpParams and HttpHeaders * Observables and Operators in Observables - Map, Retry, Catch * Behavior Subject and Sharing Data using Behavior Subjects * Directives and Pipes in Angular * Introduction to Section 5 * Introduction to Directives * Built in Structural Directives * Built in Attribute Directives * Building custom Attribute Directives * Building Custom Structural Directives * Introduction to Pipes in Angular * Using Built In Pipes * Creating Custom Pipes in Angular * Pure and Impure Pipes in Angular * Decorators Revisited * Building Custom Decorators in Angular * Building a Custom Lifecycle Hook Class Logger Decorator * Building Custom Property Decorator in Angular * Forms in Angular * Introduction to Section 6 * Types of Form Building Strategies in Angular * Creating Long Bootstrap forms quickly using VS Code using Emmet * Adding FormControl(s) to a Template Driven form using the ngModel directive * Getting the JavaScript Object Representation of a form using ngForm directive * Disabling the Submit Button on a Form using form's $invalid flag * Getting the JavaScript Object Representation of a form in TypeScript Class * Adding Checkbox, Radio Buttons and Select List to your Template Driven Form * Creating Subsections in the form using NgModelGroup directive * Steps to implement a Reactive form in Angular * Quickly creating a Bootstrap form for our Reactive form using Emmet * Creating a Reactive form in the TypeScript class & connecting it to the template * Adding form Validations to a Reactive Form * Dynamically Adding or Removing FormControl(s) or FormGroup(s) using FormArray(s) * Adding Synchronous Custom Validations to your Reactive Form * Adding Async Custom Validations to your Reactive Form * Resetting the value of a form * Using Third Party Libraries and Frameworks like MDB, Angular Material & Firebase * Introduction to the Section * Creating an Angular CLI Project with SCSS as a base style * Introducing Material Design Bootstrap into your Angular CLI Project * Adding a Navbar in your header * Adding Material Design Buttons * Adding Cards * Using Material Design Dropdowns and Form Inputs * Introducing Angular Material into your Angular CLI Project on the top of MDB * Adding Radio Buttons, Slide Toggle, Slider, Progress Bar and Spinner * Introduction to Firebase * Creating an App using the Firebase Console * Setting up your Angular CLI Project to support Firebase * Interacting with Firebase Realtime Database using methods on AngularFireList * Adding and Reading Data from Realtime Database in Firebase * Updating and Deleting Data from Realtime Database in Firebase " - Ref.: Udemy.com

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