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"The Complete Kotlin Developer Course: Become A Pro!"-Ref.:Udemy.com
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" The Most Comprehensive Kotlin Course! Packed With Everything You Need To Know To Become A Professional Kotlin Developer! What Will I Learn? How To Install And Use Intellij (The Best IDE For Java and Kotlin) Learn And Understand Kotlin - The New Java Based Language Officially Supported By Google! Understand The Concepts Of Kotlin And How It Relates With Java Learn And Understand The Basics Of Object-Oriented Programming How To Convert Java Code To Kotlin And Vice Versa How To Install Android Studio How To Develop Android Apps With Kotlin Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 39 Lectures 04:04:11 – Welcome To The Course 00:45 Welcome To The Complete Kotlin Developer Course! Preview 00:45 – Setting Up the Environment 23:23 Installing Java JDK Preview 06:20 Installing IntelliJ IDEA - Integrated Development Environment 06:54 Running Your First Kotlin Program 10:09 – Variables 14:11 Variables Preview 11:43 Variables - Var & Val 02:28 – Data Types 10:18 Data Types In Kotlin 05:08 Converting Data Types In Kotlin 05:10 – Mathematical Operators 20:34 Mathematical Operators In Kotlin 10:20 Increment And Decrement 05:49 Relational Operators 04:25 – Input Data 07:35 Input Data In Kotlin 07:35 – Comments 03:06 Comments In Kotlin 03:06 – Null Safety 04:47 Null Safety In Kotlin 04:47 – Conditional Statements 37:17 Logic Statements 05:43 If Statement 05:18 If Else Statement 04:00 Else If Statement 07:02 Nested If Statement 05:33 When Statement 09:41 If Statements 2 questions – Loops In Kotlin 12:33 For Loop 04:52 While Loop 04:35 Do While Loop 03:06 - Arrays In Kotlin 23:21 Arrays 06:08 Array Elements 08:43 ArrayList 08:30 - Functions In Kotlin 21:10 Functions 10:32 Function Overloading 06:45 Variable Scope 03:53 - OOP - Object oriented Programming 42:04 OOP - What Is Object Oriented Programming 01:53 Classes In Kotlin 06:15 Classes - Advanced 10:22 Constructors In Kotlin 05:04 Inheritance In Kotlin 12:15 Override Modifier In Kotlin 03:36 This And Super In Kotlin 02:39 - Getting Started With Android Studio 23:07 Downloading And Installing Android Studio Preview 05:02 Create Android Studio Project 06:34 Android Studio layout & Project Structure 11:31 " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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