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"Learn Ethical Hacking on Kali Linux and become a Pro Hacker"
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/learn-ethical-hacking-on-kali-linux-and-become-a-pro-hacker/
" * Footprinting, Network scanning, Session hijacking, Cryptography ciphers, Penetration testing, SQL injection attacks * What Will I Learn? * After this course you'll have a great knowledge of hacking and do whatever you want * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Introduction * Introduction * What is Hacking * What is the need of hacking * What do you mean by Ethical Hacking * Types of Hacking * Hacking Methodologies * Legal Issues in Hacking * Types of Attacks * Footprinting * Way Back Machine * Using your resources * Using Whois Lookups * Using DNS to extract information * Finding network ranges to hack * Google Hacking * Using Google Hacking for information * Google hacking database * TCP IP Protocol * Analyzing packets using Wireshark * OSI TCP IP models * IP Addressing * User Datagram Protocol * Transmission Control Protocol TCP * Services running in background of OS * How to use Wireshark * How DHCP works * Address Resolution Protocol ARP * A brief history of Cryptography * What are the types of Cryptography * Public Key Cryptography * What are Digital Certificates * Cryptographic Hash function * DES Encryption Algorithm * What are SSL and TSL Ethical * What is SSH Secure Shell * Whole Disk Encryption * Analyzing Cryptographic Techniques * Review of Scan Types in Hacking * How to use NMAP Ethical Hacking * Other types of NMAP scan * How to use Hping3 * War Dialing * IDS Evasion and Firewall * What is Banner Grabbing * Vulnerability Scanning Overview * How to use Nessus * Introduction to SNMP * What is LDAP * How to use a Proxy Server * Tunneling and Pivoting * Goals of Penetration Testing * Password Cracking * Spyware and keyloggers * Using log files for Hacking * Metasploit Minute * What is Malware * How to detect Malware * How to by pass Antivirus * How to Deploy Malware * Virus and its types * Malware Analysis * Windows ADS Alternate Data Stream * How to crack a program using OllyDbg * How to pack files using UPX * More ways to do Program Analysis * DoS Attack Explained * Understanding Password Storage * What is Privilege Escalation * Cyber Crime Learning white hat hacking * Countermeasures Flooding * Cross Site Scripting * SQL Injection * Cross Site Request Forgery * Botnets * Attack Countermeasures Flooding * What Is Web Application Testing * Web Application Architecture * Web Testing Tools * Cross Site Scripting * Cross Site Request Forgery * Session Hijacking And Attacks And Cookies * Password Attacks * Encoding * Wireless Networking * Encryption Techniques WEP WPA WPA2 * Finding Hotspots * Breaking WEP Encryption * Rogue Access Points And Attacks * Wireless Sniffing * Protecting Wireless Networks * What Is Evasion And Why Do We Use It * Steganography * Stacks And Heaps * Protecting Against Buffer Overflow Attacks * Format String * De Compilation * Reverse Engineering " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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