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"Mini Startup MBA: How To Start A Business In 90 Days"-Ref.:Udemy.com

Reference: https://www.udemy.com/entrepreneur-junior-ogunyemi-how-to-start-a-business-in-90-days/?couponCode=SPICYG3

" * Entrepreneurship with Junior Ogunyemi: Everything you need to know – business strategy, fundamentals and growth hacking * * What Will I Learn? * Find your million dollar idea and why you need to focus on solving problems * Effectively use the assets you already have to get a business off the ground * Understand the value of a mentor and know how to find one * Be able to validate your ideas without risking everything * Understand how to raise funds to launch your business * Market your business, and know what to focus on * Understand how to sell, and use the 4 P process * Scale their business, and understand why they don't want to be critical to the business in the long term * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Introduction * Junior's story * Why you should start a business * What you are going to learn * Shameless book plug * The opportunity ahead for entrepreneurs * Factors that contribute to failure * The secret to success * Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? * The 4 stages of entrepreneurship * Finding a million dollar idea - the magic formula * Focus on adding value and solving problems * Step by step guide to coming up with idea * Resourcefulness: Using what you have to generate business opportunities * Being relentless * Mentors * What is the value of a mentor * Where do I find a mentor? * How do I attract a mentor? * Ideas * What is idea validation? * Identify and test your major assumption * What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? * MVP: Perfect is not the purpose * Money * Raising funds: Is the money a cushion or springboard * Raising funds: How to bootstrap * Raising funds: Alternative sources * Managing money: Cashflow is king * Managing money: Budgeting * Marketing * Know your market: Understanding the WHO * Know your market: Understanding the WHY * Know your market: Understanding the WHERE * Know your message: What makes the audience go wow! * Sales * Why sales people have a bad reputation * How to do it properly using B.I.K.E * Three step process to phone getting people on the phone * Person, Purpose, Process, Payoff * The difference between small and BIG contracts * The process for approaching big clients and contracts * Scaling & Team * Scaling: The importance of systems * Scaling: Creating a magic box * Bringing in the right team: Character, competence and chemistry * Partner, employ or outsource * Next steps * What mind-set will sustain your success? * Practice makes perfect * Bonus lecture " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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