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"C : Trends you need to know about C language & C programming"
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" * C programming: Learn C language from zero level and become an intermediate level C programmer in few days. * What Will I Learn? * read complex programs * write their own programs in C language * participate in competitive programming * start advanced level C programming * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Introduction * Origination of C language * Different sections in C program * Start programming here * Very basics in C language * Fundamental data types * Data type with modifiers * Decimal, Octal and Hexadecimal * Operators in C language * Introduction to Operators * Learning operators Part 1 * Learning operators Part 2 * Quick lessons * Taking values from user * Example: Find ASCII value of a character * Decision making and branching * if statements * if-else statements * Nested if else statements * else if ladder * Alternative to if else statements * Switch case statement * go to statements * Decision making and looping * While loop * do while loop * for loop * Quick lessons * Example: ASCII values from 1 to 100 * Nesting for loop * Jump statements * Arrays * Introduction to arrays * One dimensional arrays * Two dimensional and multi dimensional arrays * Addition of two matrix * Swapping two numbers * Merging two arrays and sorting * On Demand video classes Part 1 * Linear Search - On Demand Video 1 * Functions * Introduction to functions * Function declaration * Function definition and function calling * Actual and formal parameters * More about functions * No argument and no return value * Argument but no return value * No argument and return value * Arguments and return value * Passing arrays to the function as argument * Call by value * Call by reference * Calling function inside a function * Recursion of a function * Pointers * Introduction to pointers * More explanation on pointers * Playing with pointers * Array of pointers * Pointer to Pointer * Increment or Decrement on Pointers * Arrays and Pointers * Passing pointers to functions * Pointers pointing to the function * Program to reverse a given number * Strings * Introduction to strings * More in strings * strlen() function * strcat() function * strncat() function * strcpy() function * strncpy() function " - Ref.: Udemy.com

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