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"Unity : Beginner to Advanced - Complete Course"-Ref.:Udemy.com
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/unity-master-video-game-development-the-complete-course/?couponCode=SS_FREE" * Master Video Game development from the ground up using Unity and C#. Learn and understand how games are made. * What Will I Learn? * Use and understand Unity. * Make their dream games a reality with Unity. * Good game development practices. * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Introduction * Downloading Unity and Project Setup. * Unity Objects and Components. * Creating our Own Component. * Unity Engine UI * Working with User Interface Text. * Creating a Countdown Timer. * Creating a Digital Clock. * Unity UI: Images. * Unity UI: Buttons. * Unity UI: Toggle. * Unity UI: Sliders. * Unity UI: Dropdown. * Unity UI: Input Fields. * Unity UI: Finishing Up. * C# programming. * Introduction to C# with Unity. * C# If - Else Statement. * C# While - Do While loop. * C# For loop. * C# foreach loop. * C# switch statement. * Creating a Simple Calculator. * Setting up the Canvas. * Calculator Logic. * Finishing Up Our Calculator. * Running our Calculator in a Browser. * Creating a 2D Sidescroller. * Importing Our Assets * Making our Character move! * Setting up the Animator for our Character. * Giving our Player Jumping abilities! * Adding Falling Animations and Improving the Jump Feel. * Adding the Shooting Animation. * Shooting Bullets. * Particle and Polish. * Creating a Space Invaders Game. * Setting up the Ship Movement. * Limiting the Ship Movement. * Bullets and Shooting. * Adding Shooting Sounds and Particles. * Adding Power Ups and Power Downs. * Creating Enemy Prefabs. * Enemy Ship Movement. * Taking and Dealing Damage. * Spawning Enemies. * Polishing Enemy Ship Movement. * Random Enemy Generation. * Enemy Shooting. * Adding Score and Highscore. * Spawning Power Ups and Finishing up. * 3D Game Development. * Lighting in Unity. * Post Processing - Breathing Life into your Scenes. * Post Processing - Part 2. * Creating a First Person Controller. * First Person Camera Movement. * Occlusion Culling. " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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