"Learn Network Attacks and Prevention Through Android"-Ref.:Udemy.com, Network Attacks, Prevention Through Android, Android

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"Learn Network Attacks and Prevention Through Android"-Ref.:Udemy.com
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/learn-network-attacks-and-prevention-through-android/?couponCode=LIMITED_FREE
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" * Become Master in Ethical Hacking with Android * What Will I Learn? * Install Ubuntu ROOT Terminal on your Android Device * Install other apps needed for penetration testing * These lectures are used to teach you how to use your Android Device(Without Root) to hack other computers and Android devices to test their Security level. * Gather important information about your target. * Email Spoofing -Send E-Mail Using Fake or Other Person's E-Mail. * Create a KEYLOGGER in android. * Create Your Own Phishing App(Application). * Stress Testing. * Create a fake login page and use it to stead passwords. * Capture keystrokes on a compromised system. * Secure yourself against the above discussed attacks. * Requirements * Some Experience Using Android * Basic IT skills * Description * Welcome to my course on using Android Device for penetration testing, if you don’t have any knowledge about penetration testing the course will begin with you, with you from Scratch, from setting up your Android Device and Computer, installing the needed apps and will finish up with examples of real life scenarios that will give you full control over various computer systems. * * This course concentrates Practical Side Penetration testing without neglecting the theory behind each attack, for each attack you will figure out how that attack works and then you will learn how to practically launch that attack, this knowledge will help you to detect and sometimes prevent this attack from happening. * * This is extremely helpful for the individuals who need to begin hacking utilizing their Android Phone without Rooting the Device, the course is divided into Several sections: * * 1. Termux Installation and Its Basic Operations: This section will teach you * * How to install Termux application on your android device * How to make storage setup for Termux * How to install Ubuntu ROOT Terminal where you can run the packages which are need root permission to RUN and how to use Ubuntu root terminal. * You will come to know what is Steganography, how to hide data behind any image and how the data is extracted at the destination side. * 2. Information Gathering: This section will teach you * * How to gather information about your target? * Discover anything that is associated with your target * How to find the exact location of your target and so on. * 3. Generating Backdoor files: In this section you will learn * * How to generate a Backdoor file for Windows, Linux and for Android devices * How to interact with your target machine * You'll figure out how to access the file system where you will see how to upload, read and execute the files and spy on the target. * 4. Social Engineering Attacks: This section will teach * * How to send spoof emails to target to pretending the received mail is related to the target, * How to send unlimited fake emails, * How to perform a phishing attack inside and outside your Network, * How to create your own phishing application and Key logger. * Finally, at the end of the course, you will learn how to protect yourself from these attacks. * * NOTE: This course is created for educational purposes only and all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against devices that I have permission to test. * * * * Who is the target audience? * People who want to learn ethical hacking. * People who want to learn how hackers hack into secure systems that do not have any vulnerabilities. * * * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Introduction * DISCLAIMER * Termux Basic Operations * Things You will Learn * Termux Introduction and Installation * Termux Storage Setup * Sending SMS Via Termux * Ubuntu ROOT Terminal Installation * How to use Ubuntu ROOT terminal  * Installing Advanced Hacking Tools * Steganography-How to Hide Data Behind Any Image * Steganography-How The Data is Extracted at Destination Side * Information Gathering * Things You will Learn * Information Gathering -Whois Lookup and DNS Lookup * Information Gathering - Port Scanning and Links Grabbing * Information Gathering -IP Location Finding and Traceroute * Tress IP & Find The Exact Location of Victim Using Termux * Extracting Emails and User Information * Network Scanning * Things You will Learn * Installing Nmap on Android * Finding Live or UP Hosts in Network * Listing Open Ports On a Target Host * Generating a Scan Report * Denial of Service (DoS) attacks Demonstrated and explained * Things You will Learn * Performing DOS Attack with Termux * Performing DOS Attack without Termux * Password Cracking * Things You will Learn * Cracking Password with Brute Force Attack * Cracking Password with Dictionary Attack * Exploitation * Things You will Learn * Introduction and Installing Metasploit Framework on Termux * Extract Email Address of Domain using Metasploit * Hack Windows Machine By Creating a Backdoor-Msfvenom Payload With Netcat * Hacking windows Machine with Metasploit * Hack Linux Systems by Generating a more Advanced Backdoor * Hacking an Android Device with MSFvenom * Capturing keystrokes with Metasploit * Meterpreter Basic Commands * Generate Payloads and Control Remote Machines * Continuing -Generate Payloads and Control Remote Machines * Get Every Single Saved Password From Victim Machine * Social Engineering Attacks * Things You will Learn * Email Spoofing-Send E-Mail Using Fake or Other Person's E-Mail * E-Mail Bomber Sending Unlimited Fake Mails to Victim * Performing a Phishing Attack to steal Victim credentials * Creating a KEYLOGGER On Android * Using The Above Attacks Outside The Local Network * Things You will Learn * Hack Any Windows Machine Outside LAN * Remotely Hack Any Android Device with Metasploit- Hack Over WAN * Ngrok Installation,Configuration and Port Forwarding * Phishing Attack outside LAN Using Ngrok * Phishing Attack Over Wan without Termux * Creating Your Own Phishing App(Application) * How to Be Safe From Above Attacks * How to Detect Phishing Page * How to Detect Spoof Emails * How To Detect Trojans " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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