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"The Complete C# Developer Course (The one and only course you will need to learn C# and object-oriented programming)"
Learn the fundamentals of programming using C# 7. Master the object-oriented programming (OOP). Learn how to create variables and convert their datatypes in different ways. How to use DateTime and TimeSpan. Understand the loops (For, Foreach, While and more). How to manipulate strings (Replace, Remove, Insert, Substring and more). How to use arithmetic operators. Understand the logical operators. Work with comparison operators. Conditional statements (if and switch statements). Master the classes and understand the different types of classes (static, abstract, partial, sealed and more). Learn the structures and enumerations and how to use them. The differences between classes and structs. Read and write files easily with C#. Understand Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Abstraction. Get familiar with Composition, Aggregation and Association. Learn to encrypt and decrypt your data using C#. Build caesar cipher (encryption and decryption) yourself. Learn how to create different types of methods. The difference between static and non-static methods. How to use recursive methods. How to use the extension methods. Understand anonymous methods and how to create them. Understand the difference between pass by reference and pass by value. Master the powerful lambda expressions. How to use optional and named arguments. Work with arrays including multidimensional arrays and jagged arrays. Get familiar with the advanced concepts (Multithreading, Recursing, Generics & many more). Master the non-generics collections (ArrayLists, Hashtables, Stacks, Queues and more). Master the generics collections (List, dictionary, SortedList and more). How to create generic classes, methods and arguments. How to debug and find errors easily in your code. Understand how stacks and queues work with real examples. How to handle exceptions (Exception Handling). How to use params keyword. How to use Stopwatch class. Understand how older tuples and new enhanced tuples work. Learn how to use NuGet and install packages. How to work with Delegates and Events. Delegates vs direct methods call. Work with Func, Action and Predicate delegates. Learn how to use timers in C#. Make your application speaks using SpeechSynthesizer. Dynamic and Var keywords and differences between them. How to use LINQ (Language-Integrated Query). How to check C# version and how to change it. Understand what is synchronous programming. Understand what is asynchronous programming. Differences between synchronous and asynchronous programming. Learn multi-threading theory and create multi-threaded applications. Understand deadlocks and how to solve them. Understand lock keyword, Mutex, Monitor and Semaphores. How to use tasks, manage them and even cancel them. How to work with async and await keywords. Understand what is Serialization and Deserialization and how to use them. How to use attributes and create custom attributes. Understand the preprocessor directives and how to use them. Understand assemblies and versions. Work efficiently and smoothly with Visual Studio 2017. DLL files (Dynamic Link Libraries), How and why we use them. How to decompile DLL files. How to protect your DLL files. "

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