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"Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (RAP) using R"
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/reproducible-analytical-pipelines/

" Automating the production of statistical reports using DataOps principles. What Will I Learn? Use DevOps to improve the production time and quality of your statistical reports. Build a reproducible analytical pipeline enshrining business knowledge in an R package. Automate the production of a periodic report. Curriculum For This Course - Lectures Introductory Section Introduction to Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (RAP) Why RAP? + ACTIVITY Identifying RAP battles in your organisation RAP is Open Source + ACTIVITY Open Source Trivia Evaluating RAP + ACTIVITY RAP business benefit Finding a RAP buddy + ACTIVITY Finding a buddy to collaborate with Choose your RAP battles wisely Identifying good RAP problems + ACTIVITY Choosing a wise RAP battle Establish your minimal tidy data set + ACTIVITY Establishing your minimal tidy data set Our RAP battle demo + ACTIVITY Setting up your package Enshrining business knowledge in a package What’s in a name? + ACTIVITY Naming your package Initialising Your Package Repository on Github git and Github for beginners Create a basic package + ACTIVITY Creating your RAP package Typical git workflow + ACTIVITY Typical git workflow Using Github to assign issues+ ACTIVITY Creating issues on Github Preventing the publication of sensitive information Raw or tidy data? + ACTIVITY Convert raw data to tidy data Create data object or bespoke class + ACTIVITY Create data class Setting up your package plenary Create a function with documentation Standing on the shoulders of giants Describe the problem and create an issue. Create a Github issue for the problem Write the function. Write the function specified in the last assignment Write the documentation. Write the associated documentation for the function Quality assurance through defensive programming The art of creating a user friendly package Unit testing Why bother with unit testing? Testing workflow Test driven development Testing figures The unit testing workflow with the testthat package Unit testing plenary Automated Testing and Continuous Integration with Travis What is automated testing? Using automated checking on my package Add Quality Assurance badges to your package using Travis Set up Travis Continuous Integration for your package Add code coverage and branch protection for extra quality assurance Keeping cool in dependency hell What is dependency hell? Running packrat for the first time Managing your package's packages Packrat plenary Ensuring quality inputs to your RAP Error logging plenary, get the balance right Messages, warnings and errors Producing the report Creating a vignette for typical business use + ACTIVITY Customising style Create your data product Mic drop Was it all worth it? RAP about it Closing remarks and acknowledgements. Versioning and watermarking your report " - Ref.: Udemy.com 
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/reproducible-analytical-pipelines/
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