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"The Complete Front-End Web Development Course!" 

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" Get started as a front-end web developer using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap! What Will I Learn? Build a simple HTML text site Style web pages using CSS Program websites with JavaScript Build a Pipboy using Bootstrap Build and publish a Google Chrome Extension Curriculum For This Course - Lectures Introduction to the course Atom setup Web Development Basics - HTML HTML document structure HTML elements - div and span HTML elements - i, b, p, and a HTML elements - ul, li, and ol HTML elements - header and footer HTML elements - section, main, and article HTML elements - h1-h6 and aside HTML tables Project #1 - HTML text site Advanced HTML Concepts Images Forms Inputs Checkboxes Radio buttons Select, option, and buttons HTML5 videos HTML5 audio Doctypes Meta tags Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Targeting color and background Element specificity ID targeting, margin, and border Padding, margin, and float Max-width and background-image Switching over to an IDE Font weight, style, and family Text decorations Text spacing Text decoration modification Text shadow Advanced CSS Psuedo-states Border radius Positions Psuedo-elements Z-index Viewpoint width and height, overflowing content Transition property JavaScript for Beginners Intro to JavaScript Alerts and console logging Integers, strings, and variables Undefined variables and modifying values of variables Boolean operators Comparing values If statements For loops Defining functions Event handling Setting an elements innerHTML More JavaScript Concepts Arrays pt.1 Arrays pt.2 Arrays pt.3 Textareas and getting the value of inputs Functions - parameters and return values Multiple parameters in functions Flexible function parameters Exercise - find the missing number Exercise solution Classes explained Class constructor, instance variables, and static variables Extending classes Getting Started with jQuery jQuery setup Targeting elements Event handling Dropdown menus Making our dropdown disappear Multiple targets, events, and attr method Prepend, append, and html preventDefault event.which and switch properties Custom context menu, pageY, and pageX is method More jQuery Writing our own version of jQuery Find method First and last Focusin and focusout Contains, is, and hasClass Each method Callbacks CSS Bootstrap Basics Bootstrap setup Navbar pt.1 Navbar pt.2 Forms pt.1 Forms pt.2 Buttons Project #2 - Pipboy from Fallout 4 Setup Navbar Main page Pipboy image and footer Colors Font and styling main nav Scanlines Navigation styling Tabs Progress bars Stat bars Footer fixes Damage and resistance Icons Inventory template Item list Weapon stat container Finishing touches with JavaScript Project #3 - Google Chrome Extension Problem solving Manifest files Basic setup Getting video URLs Injecting JavaScript Getting pretty objects for each URL Creating download options list Communicating between the page and extension Chrome downloads API and background scripts Receiving messages and downloading files Styling our extension and publishing Tips for getting started as a freelance web developer " - Ref.: Udemy.com
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