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"The Complete Python 3 Course: Beginner to Advanced!"
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/python-complete/?couponCode=UCFREE1

" Learn Python with projects covering game & web development, web scraping, MongoDB, Django, PyQt, and data visualization! What Will I Learn? Install Python Setup an IDE Use programming fundamentals to build a calculator Use advanced Python concepts to code a RPG Find additional packages to expand the functionality of Python Install essential modules Code an app for web scraping Create a NoSQL database using PyMongo Create web apps using Web.py Django web server setup Live troubleshooting Curriculum For This Course - Lectures How to be successful in this course Introduction to Programming with Python Introduction to Python Mac/Linux installation Windows setup Interpreted vs. compiled programming languages Creating and running our first Python script Choosing an integrated development environment (IDE) How to share your code with us and get help with errors Programming Basics Basic types - numbers Basic types - strings Basic string manipulation Basic types - Boolean operators Lists (arrays) Dictionaries Variables Built-in functions User-defined functions Adding arguments to a function Default arguments Keyword arguments Infinite arguments Return values from functions If, elif, else statements For/while loops Importing libraries into a script Project # - Building a calculator Advanced Python Concepts PEP guidelines Breaking out of while loops Continuing while loops Classes & objects Instance variables Class & instance variables How to add comments to your code Importing modules from relative paths Project # - RPG Battle Script RPG setup Creating our character Additional utility classes Enemy instantiation Using magic Turning our magic into a class Healing our player Adding items Implementing different item types Better HP view Adding members to our party Working HP bars White space in HP & MP Enemy HP bar Multiple enemies pt. Multiple enemies pt. Enemy artificial intelligence Additional Python Resources Reading and writing files in Python JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Using Virtualenv to create a virtual environment PyPI - the Python Package Index Essential Modules - Requests Introduction to Requests HTTP GET variables Pillow the image processing library (PIL) Posting data Posting JSON Headers Project # - Web Scraper Beautiful Soup Parsing our soup Directional navigation Image scraper Improvements to our web scraper Project # - Getting Started with PyMongo Introduction and setup Inserting documents Bulk inserts Counting documents Multiple find conditions Datetime and keywords Indexes Project # - Web Development Project Using Web.py Introduction and simple example HTML templates Building a MVC   Importing static files Setting up a register form Posting data to web.py Creating users Hashing passwords Login logic Web.py sessions Logout functionality Posting microblogs Retrieving post objects User settings and updating Mongo Relative datetimes Making our post dates pretty Adding post comments Image uploads and avatars - Project # - Django Web Framework Django project setup Creating our blog app Setting up the admin site URLs and views HTML templates   Dynamic template data Single post page Implementing Bootstrap Static files Template inheritance Post images, multi-level templates, and more - Project # - GUI Programming with PyQt Installation and st program Declarative interfaces Event handling in QML Qt layouts, buttons, and labels QLineEdit QPushButton clicked Setting QLabels text Calculator project setup QGridLayout Programming buttons Button event handling Evaluating queries Finishing touches - Project # - PyQt Web Browser QTabWidget Interacting with tabs QWebEngine implementation Switching tabs Setting up our web address bar Updating tab text Updating tab icons Back, forward, and reload functionality Updating the address bar Style sheets Qt key shortcuts QtSplitter and section wrap up - Project # - Data Visualization Installing matplotlib World population graph Adding labels and custom line color Multiple lines and line styling Configuring the graph Let's make pie (charts) Letting Pandas make data simpler Using Panda's data for pie charts Bar charts pt. Bar charts pt. Bar charts pt.   Custom legend - Project # - Speech Recognition & AI Introduction to machine learning Feedback sounds with PyAudio Recognizing our speech Making our program speak back Parsing speech Making our AI useful Creating the illusion of consciousness Speaking from it's own brain Getting more answers " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

Reference: https://www.udemy.com/python-complete/?couponCode=UCFREE1

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