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"Cocos2d-x v3 JavaScript - Game Development Series"
" ​Learn how to create games for pretty much every platform from phones to tablets to desktop computers. What Will I Learn? Know the basic skills of making a game in Cocos2d-x Improved JavaScript Skills Game Development Skills Games Programming Skills Cross-platform Game Development Skills Curriculum For This Course Collapse All Lectures Introduction & Setup Introduction Preview What Is Cocosd-x JavaScript? Preview Setting Up For iOS Setting Up For Android On Mac Setting For Android on Windows Setting Up For The Web Multi Resolution Support Adding A Sprite Preview Positioning Positioning Using MoveTo Positioning Using MoveBy Preview Positioning Using JumpTo Positioning Using JumpBy Positioning Using BezierTo Positioning Using BezierBy Positioning Using Place Preview Repeating Actions Repeat RepeatForever Advanced Actions Scaling Using ScaleTo Preview Scaling Using ScaleBy Tinting Using TintTo Tinting Using TintBy Fading Using FadeTo Fading Using FadeIn Fading Using FadeOut Preview Skewing Using SkewTo Skewing Using SkewBy Rotating Using RotateTo Rotating Using RotateBy Preview Sequence Playing Audio Playing Sound Effects Preview Playing Sound Effects Repeatedly Setting Sound Effect Volume Stopping Sound Effects Playing Music Stopping Music Pausing and Resuming Music Setting Music Volume Touch Events Setting Up Single Touch Events Single Touch Began Preview Single Touch Moved Single Touch Ended Setting Up Multi Touch Events Multi Touch Began Multi Touch Moved Multi Touch Ended Mouse Events Setting Up Mouse Events Preview Mouse Button Pressed Mouse Button Released Mouse Moved Mouse Wheel Scrolled Keyboard Events Setting Up Keyboard Events Preview Keyboard Key Pressed Keyboard Key Released Accelerometer Events Setting Up Accelerometer Events Using The Accelerometer Menu Systems Setting Up A Menu Preview Adding A Menu Font Item Adding A Menu Image Item Menu Alignment - Scenes Creating A New Scene Preview Pushing A Scene Popping A Scene Replacing A Scene Preview Scene Transitions - Extras Node Action Animations Preview Scheduling Debug Information Remove Child - Labels LabelTTF LabelAtlas LabelBMFont - UI Components UIButton Preview UICheckBox UIImageView UILabelAtlas UILabelBMFont UILabel UIListView UILoadingBar UIRichText Preview UIScrollView UISlider UITextField UILayout UIPageView "
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