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"WordPress WooCommerce Quick-Start, Course + Themes Bundle"
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" Put up a WooCommerce site in under 60 min., and also discover when it's best to use another type of cart What Will I Learn? Learn all the ways to add a payment system to your WordPress website Understand the different types of shopping carts, and when a WordPress plugin cart is appropriate Get your first WooCommerce store (including digital downloads) up in under an hour Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 20 Lectures 01:09:01 – Introduction to WordPress Shopping Carts 09:32 Claim Your Bonuses 00:46 Choosing a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin 03:21 WooCommerce Review 05:25 – WooCommerce Quick Start 26:16 Installing WooCommerce, WooCommerce Pages 03:49 Products, Product Categories & Images 04:31 WooCommerce Settings & Shop Page Layouts 02:09 Shop Page Shortcodes & WooCommerce Widgets 05:02 Checkout Process; PayPal Payment Gateway 04:34 Digital Downloads 03:29 Flat-Rate Shipping 02:42 – WooCommerce Reference 32:49 Types of Products, Upsells & Cross-sells, Grouped Product 02:19 Product Attributes & Variations; Layered Nav Widgets 06:17 Advanced Shipping, Shipping Classes, Bulk Product Editing 06:18 Taxes & Tax Classes 05:39 Coupons 03:13 Order Management & Reporting 02:29 Inventory Management 02:40 Product Reviews 01:50 WooCommerce User Roles 02:04 – Next steps 00:24 Next steps 00:24 " - Ref.: Udemy.com

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