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"Calculus and Analytical Geometry"
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" Learn calculus and Analytical Geometry from beginning and become the swami of Calculus with Analytical geometry What Will I Learn? Students will be master in calculus and analytical geometry Complete explanation of functions with example question Limits and continuity explanation with examples Derivatives, by definition ,simple derivatives, chain rule, trigonometric functions, natural log, maximum and minimum Integration , simple ,trigonometric functions , by parts , definite integral ,by partial friction, differential equation Analytical Geometry, distance formula, midpoint formula ,slope , equation of line 100% success for students who follow my guidelines Curriculum For This Course - Lectures Introduction Topics To Be Covered Introduction to Functions 1 chap 1 intro to functions 2 chap 1 even odd neither 3 chap 1 fog(x), gof(x),fof(x),gog(x) and quiz 4 quiz solution 5 Inverse functions and quiz 6 Quiz solution 7 domain and range Introduction To Limits 8 Introduction to Limits 9 Squeeze Theorm 10 Some More Theorms 11 Limits Questions 12 Limits Involving Radical 13 Quiz Solution 14 Limits Involving Trigonometric Function 15 Continue Trigonometric Limits 16 Limit Involving (e) 17 Limits Involving (e) continued 18 Limits Including Infinity Introduction To Continuity 19 Introduction To Continuity 20 More Questions 21 Finding Values Through Continuity Derivatives 22 chap 2 Differentiation 23 chap 2 derivative by defination 24 chap 2 derivative by defination of radical term 25 chap 2 derivative by defination of trignometric function 26 chap 2 derivative concept 27 chap 2 simple differentiation 28 intoduction to chain rule 29 Use of chain rule 30 finding dy div dx 31 derivative of trignometric functions 32 using trignometric derivative 33 Chain rule using trignometric derivatives 34 deep dive in trignometric Topics To Be Convered That are based On Students Demand Please Read This " - Ref.: Udemy.com

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