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"Introduction to Robotics & Entrepreneurship"
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/introduction-to-robotics-entrepreneurship/

" Learn to make intelligent machines and start your Entrepreneurial journey What Will I Learn? * You will be able to build simple robots * You will be able to understand how businesses work * You will be able to create a product * You will learn Product development * You will learn to control simple motors * You will be able to market your product * You will be able to go to advanced technical courses after this course. * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Introduction * Basics of Robotics * What is Robotics? * What is Robotics? * How do Robot Systems work? * How do Robot Systems work? * Main Components of Robots * What is a Sensor? * What are Sensors? * Brain of the Robot * Brain of the Robot * Arduino MCU detailed Introduction * What are Actuators? * Actuators * Motor Drive and Control * What are Motor Drives? * Motor Drive and Control * Disciplines Involved in Robotics * What disciplines are involved in Robotics? * Entrepreneurship | Product Development | Marketing * What is Product Development? | How you can develop your next product? * Product Development * What is Market Research? Importance of Market Research for startups * Market research * How to fix the design and functionalities? * Google Sketchup introduction * Autodesk Fusion 360 introduction * Skippy Fusion 360 Design * How to download Fritzing Software? * Fritzing - Electronics Prototyping first look * Skippy Schematics Explanation * Components Connection Fritzing explanation * Where to get Funds from? * What are Product Prototypes? * Product prototypes * How to market and sell your product? * Marketing and Sales * Our First practical Robot | Skippy | Obstacle Avoidance Robot * Let's Build our First Robot! * Find out some uses of Robots * Programming our Robot * How to install Arduino IDE ? * Arduino IDE first look * Your first program - Blink explanation * Our Program explained for Obstacle Avoidance Robot * Ultrasonic Sensor - Programming and Testing " - Ref.: Udemy.com

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