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"Adobe Lightroom CC: Photo Editing Masterclass"
" Your complete guide to editing beautiful photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC! What Will I Learn? Edit photos the way you imagine, making them matter more! Master the Lightroom workflow, just like a pro photographer Improve photos, fixing any mistakes from your shoots Understand the most important tools in Lightroom Set up Lightroom to run efficiently Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 72 Lectures 07:15:47 – Introduction 13:59 Welcome and Download Your Practice Photos Preview 04:08 Glad To Meet You Preview 01:01 Adobe Lightroom CC vs Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Preview 01:22 MP3 Lessons (FOR DOWNLOAD) 00:15 Edit Your First Photo and Basic Lightroom Workflow Preview 07:13 – Lightroom Library & Organization 25:55 Lightroom - Understand the Program Layout Preview 06:41 Import Photos into Lightroom 03:43 Create a Collection 04:23 Ranking Photos 07:12 Face Tagging Photos 03:56 Check For Learning 4 questions – Edit Your Photos 01:38:57 Editing Your Images... Complete Section In 5 Minutes! 04:59 Crop & Rotate 10:38 Tone 13:53 Adjusting Tone 1 question White Balance Adjustments 07:56 Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation 05:11 Tone Curve 07:24 Fix Exposure 1 question Great Work! 00:07 HSL Panel 06:37 Split Toning 05:21 Details Panel 11:22 Remove All Noise For Your Best Images 08:53 Lens Correction 08:36 Camera Calibration 07:37 Check For Learning 5 questions Tone Activity. Learn By Doing 00:23 – Edit just Parts of Your Photos 21:22 Local Adjustment Brush 04:22 Adjustment Brushes 1 question Radial Filter 02:47 Graduated Filters 04:53 Spot Removal 04:34 Lightroom Classic CC Update: Range Masks 04:46 Check for learning 3 questions – Saving and Exporting Photos 13:12 Export Photos from Lightroom 09:27 Save Photos with a Watermark 03:45 Check For Learning 2 questions – Lightroom Editing Sessions - Putting it all Together 01:01:58 Way To Go 00:08 Edit a Landscape Photo With the Moon, Sunset, and Trees 10:54 Edit a Dark and Bright Landscape of A Road To Balance Tone 07:09 Edit a Flash Photo With a Boy Sky and Beach 09:13 Edit a Group Flash Photo With a Golden Sky 15:33 Edit a Portrait With Natural Light To Get a More Cinematic Look 04:38 Create a Brand or Corporate Image By Matching a Websites Color With Lightroom 05:31 Create a Panorama 03:01 Create a Panorama 1 question Removing Noise from a Dark Image 04:55 Let's Workup Your First Image 00:56 – Editing Photos with Lightroom Mobile 24:59 Intro to Lightroom Mobile 02:52 Syncing Lightroom Mobile 07:39 Editing Your Photos using Lightroom Mobile 09:27 Using Lightroom Mobile for Organizing Photos 05:01 Check For Learning 3 questions – Using Lightroom Presets 13:34 Darken Skies and Lighten Subjects With Selective Adjustments 06:09 What are Lightroom Presets? And How to Create a Preset 04:20 How to Download and Install Presets 03:05 Check for learning 2 questions – Editing Portraits in Lightroom 26:44 Yeah! You're Almost There 00:08 Make Eyes and Teeth Whiter 03:46 Remove Red Eye in Lightroom 00:41 Softening Skin 02:41 Removing Pimples and Wrinkles 04:30 Learn How to Sort, Filter, View, Edit, Export, Store, and Share Images Fast! 06:48 STUDENT QUESTION: Fixing Skin Tones 08:10 – Pro Lightroom Calibration and Organization 31:40 Calibrating Your Monitor for Perfect Color 03:17 Advanced Correction: Calibrating Your Camera and Creating Custom Color Profiles 09:57 Introducing Photo Editing Tablets 07:48 Pro Organizing: Introducing Catalogues 10:38 - Lightroom Plugins 16:40 Google NIK 16:40 - Advanced Techniques With Brushes 53:35 Advanced Brush Technique For Eye Enhancement 11:39 Adding Contours To Faces With Custom Brushes 12:28 Enhance Eyes With A Tone Ring 04:18 Enhance Eye Hightlights 05:07 Whiten Eyes The Pro Way With This Great Trick 03:55 Custom Eyelashes and Eyebrows With Custom Lightroom Brushes 04:36 Custom Skin Smoothing Adjustments To Get Elegant Portraits 07:08 Making Blue Eyes Look Their Best 04:24 - Batch Processing B&W With Heal and Clone Adjustments 21:07 Heal and Clone as You See How To Quickly Remove Distracting Objects 10:29 Batch Process To Black and White 10:38 - Conclusion 01:24 Course Conclusion and Thank You 01:15 Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off 00:09 "
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