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"After Effects CC: The Complete Guide to After Effects CC (Updated for CC 2018! Learn After Effects CC to improve your videos with professional motion graphics and visual effects.)"
" What Will I Learn? You will know how to use After Effects to make your videos better than ever You will be comfortable using After Effects - even if you're a beginner Know how to create a video project from start to finish in After Effects Create professional motion graphics that improve your videos Add creative visual effects to your video projects Export high quality videos from After Effects and know how to use it with Premiere Pro efficiently You will have the full support of an instructor who loves teaching Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 89 Lectures 10:43:06 – Introduction 10:50 Welcome! Preview 02:34 Download the Course Project Files Preview 00:45 Animate Your Name! Preview 06:58 Tutorial Request Form Preview 00:32 – After Effects Basics 54:17 Know Your Way Around After Effects 05:39 Start a New Composition 08:15 CC 2018 Update: Starting a New Composition from Footage 01:55 Importing Media and Placing on the Timeline 05:08 Learn the Important Tools 10:20 Create a Perfect Square or Circle, Alignment, and Colors 03:04 The Timeline 10:59 Layer Transformations 08:57 – Animating with Keyframes 44:06 Adding and Editing Keyframes + Opacity Animations 07:35 Position, Size, and Rotation Animations 05:17 Make Animations Better with Easy Ease and Motion Blur 04:21 Advanced Animations with the Graph Editor 05:32 Challenge: Bouncing Ball Animation 01:01 Solution: Bouncing Ball Animation 20:20 – Shapes and Solid Layers 23:09 Working with Solid Layers 07:07 Working with Shapes 06:24 Layer Styles - Drop Shadows, Bevel & Emboss, and Gradients 03:44 Shape Effects 05:54 – Important After Effects Skills 33:14 Track Mattes: Make Layers Appear and Disappear 08:37 Pre-Compositions: Grouping Layers Together 05:34 Quickly Reversing Animations 02:14 Freeze Frames, Remapping, Reversing Time 05:54 Blend Modes 06:05 Stabilizing Footage 04:04 CC 2018 Update: Previewing and Favoriting Fonts 00:46 – Motion Graphics Projects 01:36:24 Intro to Real World Projects 00:53 Project: Clean Lower Third 09:22 Project: Simple Logo Reveal 13:25 Project: Colorful Transition 16:59 Project: Text with Mask Transition 10:05 Project: Text Bubble Pop-Up Animation 13:39 Project: Weather App User Design Animation - Part 1 16:41 Project: Weather App User Design Animation - Part 2 08:21 Project: Weather App User Design Animation - Part 3 06:59 – Flat Animation Challenge 27:41 Design Your Own Flat Animation Scene 1 question Designing My Flat Animation Scene 12:39 Animating Fireworks with a Repeater Shape 15:02 – Green Screen (Chromakeying) 27:14 Remove Green Screen with Keylight 1.2 06:46 Adding a Background that Matches the Foreground + Parenting 07:55 Adding Motion to a Still Image with the Puppet Tool 06:26 Adding Motion to the Background Photo with Ripple Effect 06:07 – 3D Animations and the Camera Tool 40:51 3D in After Effects + The Camera Tool and Views 10:04 Swinging 3D Rotating Text Animation + Null Objects 12:11 Building a 3D Composition 05:47 Animating in 3D Space 07:38 Creating Stars in After Effects 05:11 – Rotoscoping 21:49 Make a Selection with the Rotoscope Tool 06:55 Cleaning Up Edges 07:21 Putting Rotoscoping to Work 07:33 - Screen Replacements 31:58 Replacing a Screen with Easy Masking 09:56 Replacing a Screen with Masking and 3D Motion 13:49 Replacing Device Screens with Mocha 08:13 - Puppet Tool Animations 23:08 Setting Your Pins 04:33 Animating Your Pins to Make a Bird Fly 03:04 Animating Your Owl's Blinking Eyes 08:21 Adding Perspective with Animated Clouds 07:10 - Effects & Presets 22:57 Text Animations 05:59 CC Page Turn 10:05 Radial and Linear Wipe Effect 03:20 Color Correction 03:33 - Motion Tracking 31:49 Motion Tracking Basics 09:51 Attaching Text & Visual Effects to Video Clip with Tracking 06:21 Tracking Scale and Rotation 11:33 Adding More Details to Your Text 04:04 - Character Animations 50:49 Intro to Character Animations 01:31 Design Your Character 14:32 Rigging Body Parts 02:50 Animate Your Character 09:55 Adding an Animated Background for Context 09:12 Adding Details to Your Character Animation 07:20 Adding the 'Paper Cut Out' Texture to Your Layers 05:29 - Exporting From After Effects 25:03 Exporting H.264 Files 07:03 Exporting with a Transparent Background 04:03 Exporting Videos with Adobe Media Encoder 04:40 CC 2018 Update: Exporting an Animated GIF from Adobe Media Encoder 02:14 Creating an Animated GIF with CC 2017 and Earlier Versions 07:03 - After Effects Workflow + Tips 09:14 Editing Audio in After Effects 03:20 Working with Premiere Pro Projects 05:54 - Expressions 25:15 Adding an Expression 07:24 Animate a Flickering Light with Expressions 17:35 Dive Deeper with After Effects Expressions 00:16 - Bonus Tutorials 39:31 What are the bonus tutorials? 00:19 Neon Sign Effect 21:49 Sliding Photo Intro Bumper 17:23 - Conclusion 01:08 Thank You Video 00:59 Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off 00:09 "
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