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"Amazon Affiliate Marketing Blueprint"
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" Affiliate Marketing: The Online Marketing Blueprint For Amazon What Will I Learn? Get To Know About The Methods To Be Get Conversions To Your Affiliate Product Step-By-Step Blueprint To Be Followed To Achieve Success Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 25 Lectures 01:31:59 – Introduction And Course Overview 04:55 Introduction To The Course Preview 02:21 Course Overview Preview 02:34 – Basics About Affiliate Marketing 09:01 What Is Affiliate Marketing.? Preview 03:37 What is Amazon And How Does It Work.? Preview 02:24 Advanatages Of Being An Amazon Affiliate 03:00 – Blueprint To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer 01:03:17 Step 1: Signing Up To Amazon Account 02:39 Step 2: Search For The Best Products In Amazon Market Place 03:57 Step 3: Steps To Register Domain For Your Site 06:18 Step 4: Adding Name Servers In Your Website 03:43 Step 5: Setting Up Your Hostwinds Account 03:59 Step 6: Installing Wordpress And Adding Domains On Your Site 08:18 Step 7: Ways To Choose And Install Right Themes For Your Website 05:37 Step 8: Creating Your Amazon Associate Account 05:56 Step 9: Importance Of Keyword Research 03:25 Step 10: Do Keyword Research To Be More Effective 05:02 Step 11: Ways To Do On-Page Or Onsite SEO 05:47 Step 12: Steps To Inject Keywords In Your Content 03:38 Step 13: Steps To Do All In One SEO 04:58 – Spy Long Tail Software And It's Interfaces 14:00 Spy Long Tail Software - 100% Free With The Course 00:07 Spy Long Tail Software - Interface Explained 01:37 Spy Long Tail Software - Spy Suggestion Scrapper 03:07 Spy Long Tail Software - Spy Language Keyword Finder 02:02 Spy Long Tail Software - Spy Competitor Keyword Finder 03:07 Spy Long Tail Software - Spy long tail poster 04:00 – Conclusion 00:46 Final Words 00:46 " - Ref.: Udemy.com

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