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"Bitcoin Trading Masterclass: The Complete Bitcoin Course"
" Learn to trade Bitcoin & Altcoins, develop a systematic trading process & understand the Bitcoin blockchain! What Will I Learn? Know how to buy and sell Bitcoin and Altcoins on the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex Understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchains & wallets Set up your own wallet in order to secure your cryptocurrencies Develop a systematic trading process that will help you to gain certainty in your investment decisions Master technical analysis for crypto currencies by using dozens of indicators, overlays, etc. and much more! Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 49 Lectures 04:30:30 – Introduction 03:42 Join my Facebook group for free additional education content 00:25 What will you learn in this course? Preview 01:56 How you can introduce yourself to the course community! 01:21 – Bitcoin Fundamentals: History, Blockchain, Forks & much more! 01:01:49 What is a blockchain? How does a decentralized community work? 07:17 What is Bitcoin? 03:04 Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? 04:17 The REAL implications of a decentralized system such as the Bitcoin blockchain 05:15 What's SegWit? How did it change Bitcoin? Preview 02:12 How to mine Bitcoin (a short introduction to Bitcoin mining) 10:09 A short technical guide to hash rates 01:56 Mining computers & why some are not being used anymore 04:04 Is Bitcoin Mining profitable? 03:17 What is a consensus in a Bitcoin blockchain? 02:15 An introduction to users, nodes & miners 04:13 How is consensus created by users, nodes & miners? 03:21 Proof of importance, proof of stake & proof of work 07:41 Orphan blocks & why they exist outside of the Bitcoin blockchain 02:48 – Trading Bitcoin & Setting Up Your Wallet: Get Started Trading Bitcoin (BTC) 34:30 Wallets & exchanges - a short introduction 00:56 Coinbase - how to set up your Coinbase account 02:04 In-depth look at Coinbase - How to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase 07:29 How to safely secure your coins in wallets 08:00 Poloniex: How to execute trades with Poloniex Preview 16:01 – Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Learn to spot the next breakout pattern! 01:41:52 Trend analysis definition & why it is so important 08:04 Support lines in BTC/USD charts 01:15 Resistance lines in BTC/USD charts 02:25 Double bottom indicator & how to use it on BTC/USD Preview 06:33 Elliott wave theory & how to use it to discover investment opportunities Preview 09:15 BREAKOUTS: How to spot the next HUGE trend! Preview 07:09 Trend channels in BTC/USD charts 04:58 Trends within the BTC/USD chart 06:26 Exponential/parabolic trends within the BTC/USD chart 07:57 Why Bitcoin will not survive (for now) 06:49 Point and figure analysis for Bitcoin 11:16 Point and figure BTC/USD application 04:48 How you can use Fibonacci levels in order to cash in on your investments 04:13 How to use the momentum indicator 03:31 SMA & other moving averages and how to use them 05:53 How to use the Bollinger bands 05:57 Parabolic SAR & how to apply it 05:23 – Charts 09:05 Line chart 01:55 Candlestick charts for BTC/USD 03:28 Bar chart for BTC/USD 03:42 – Bitcoin Systematic Trading Process: Learn to Trade a Cryptocurrency Right 54:57 Why you need a systematic trading process! 05:48 What a systematic trading process looks like Preview 10:52 Where to get Bitcoin news Coinmarketcap & the Bitcoin Community Bitcoin community & why it matters for your systematic process How to get started & not get lost "
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