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"Complete Penetration Testing Course Bootcamp"
" Discover the Art of Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking What Will I Learn? At the end of this course , you will learn how to use Kali Linux commands , nmap , find a vulnerability , exploiting vulnerability , gain system priviledges , maintain access and some of the basic website hacking methods. * Curriculum For This Course * 26 Lectures * Introduction * Introduction To The Course * Kali Linux for VMWare * Kali Linux Basics * Tools , Files and Services * Information Gathering and Enumeration * Finding Sub-Domains (Passive) * Finding Emails and Hosts of a Domain * Scanning Networks For Live Hosts * Detecting The OS * Detecting The Services By Enumerating * Using Dirbuster * Banner Grabbing Using Netcat * Finding Sub-Domains (Active) * Vulnerability Scanning * Using NSE Scripts To Check Vulnerabilities * Wordpress Websites * Joomla Websites * Scanning Web Servers For Vulnerabilities * Exploitation * Gaining A Windows Meterpreter Shell Using Metasploit (Client Side) * Search For The Exploit Module In Metasploit (Server Side) * Website Vulnerabilities * SQL Injection * Local File Inclusion * Remote File inclusion * Command Injection * Tunnelling * Route Pivoting Using Metasploit * Post Exploitation * Modules For Post Exploitation In Metasploit * Getting System Priviledges * Priviledge Escalation * Windows * Linux "
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Reference: https://www.udemy.com/complete-penetration-testing-course-from-scratch-to-advanced/

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