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"Complete JavaScript Guide - Text Based RPG - Beginner"
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/beginner-javascript-create-your-own-text-based-rpg/?couponCode=FREE_COURSE-BEGINNER
" Go from zero to hero with this exciting JavaScript basics course where we will create our own role playing game. What Will I Learn? Speak fluently about basic javascript Take a more advanced course on web development Show off their awesome, self-made RPG to anyone who will listen Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 54 Lectures 02:46:26 – Introduction 01:48 Introduction Preview 01:48 – Setup 06:34 Section Overview Preview 01:22 The Console Preview 01:56 The Text Editor Preview 03:16 – The Basics 18:55 Section Overview Preview 00:14 Variables Preview 05:06 Data Types 09:45 Learning Assignment: Data Types and Variables 00:50 Review: Data Types and Variables 03:00 – Digging Deeper 47:54 Section Overview 00:34 Objects 07:13 Functions and Methods 11:53 Arrays and Loops 26:41 Learning Assignment: Objects, Arrays, and Functions 00:25 Review: Objects, Arrays, and Functions 01:08 – The Better Way 20:06 Section Overview 01:06 Classes 06:43 This 02:57 Inheritance 05:48 Learning Assignment: Classes and Inheritance 00:25 Review Classes and Inheritance 03:07 – Character Creation 22:31 Section Overview 01:23 The Prompt 01:51 If's and Switches 11:59 Character Creation 00:24 Creation Assignment: Create A Character 01:00 Review: Create A Character 05:54 – The Adventure Begins 08:16 Section Overview 00:32 The Math Object 02:45 Creation Assignment: Basic Training 00:32 Review: Basic Training 04:27 – The Story Unfolds 29:48 Section Overview 01:12 Add A Friend To Our Party 02:19 Creation Assignment: Add A Friend To Our Party 00:25 Review: Add A Friend To Our Party 04:14 Sneak And Persuade 02:20 Creation Assignment: Sneak And Persuade 00:34 Review: Sneak And Persuade 01:53 Fight, Fight, Fight! 00:25 Creation Assignment: The Fight Encounter 01:25 Review: The Fight Encounter 10:42 Special Encounter 00:36 Creation Assignment: Special Encounter 00:56 Review: Special Encounter 02:16 Section Review 00:30 – The End Approaches 04:30 Section Overview 00:53 Game Over/Boss Battle 01:53 Creation Assignment: Create Your Own Ending 00:21 Review: Create Your Own Ending 01:23 – Example Codes 06:06 Example Completed Code Overview 01:00 Characters.js 01:25 Encounters.js 01:09 Story.js 02:31 - Conclusion 00:42 Course Review and Thank You! 00:42 " - Ref.: Udemy.com 
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