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"Responsive Web Development using HTML5 & CSS3 "
" Master yourself in HTML5, CSS3 and resonsive web development What Will I Learn? Will be able to create responsive and user friendly web pages Will be proficient on HTML5 Will be proficient on CSS3 Will be able to show as expert on HTML5 and CSS3 on their resume Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 42 Lectures 02:48:08 – Mastering HTML5 01:07:12 Introduction to HTML Preview 03:11 HTML4 vs. HTML5 Preview 03:47 Making your first HTML page Preview 04:23 Tools to create HTML files Preview 03:14 Base HTML Tags 05:59 Paragraph Tags 03:06 Break Tags 02:29 Header Tags 05:23 Bold and Italic Tags 04:18 Ordered and Unordered Lists 04:07 Image Tags 05:30 Difference between Absolute links and Relative Links 05:18 Hyperlinking to an external page 04:25 Hyperlinking to an email address 01:22 Hyperlinking to a file in your site 02:00 Playing and Controlling Audio 04:43 Playing and Controlling Video 03:57 – Mastering CSS 01:40:56 About the class - what you will need Preview 01:09 What is CSS? Why we need it? 02:22 What's new in CSS3 04:15 CSS Selectors, properties and attributes 01:19 ID Selectors 01:21 Class Selectors 01:41 Element Selectors 01:25 All Selectors 01:26 Inline style sheets 06:38 External style sheets 03:26 Inline styles 03:36 The Box model 04:48 Adding color 05:11 Working with fonts 04:42 Background Images # Part 1 03:02 Background Images # Part 2 04:26 Styling links 04:55 Styling ID Tags 02:38 Float & Clear 07:26 Block and Inline Elements 03:04 Positioning 07:47 Building the framework 04:32 Setting the styles 08:11 Adding the elements 08:37 Applying to other pages 02:59 "
- Ref.: Udemy.com
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