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"Complete WordPress mastery course beginner to pro"
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/complete-wordpress-mastery-course-beginner-to-pro/
" You'll learn by making all kind of websites like Ecommerce, blog,business,services,multi-vendor sites, SEO & much more What Will I Learn? Learn to set up local development environments to play with Wordpress websites in private, on your own computer. ECommerce and WordPress: using WooCommerce to build a webstore, and using Custom Post Types within WooCommerce. Customizing Account, Cart, and Checkout pages. Shipping and Digital Delivery. Lifetime access to the course, including all future updates. Download and configure free open-source software tools and use online services to build the resources you need to create and manage WordPress websites. Add contact forms, Google Maps embedded in the site, and Google Analytics integrations for tracking visitors and traffic. Working with Theme Frameworks and Child Themes. Creating a Child Theme manually and using a plugin. Working with plugins, and vetting them for usability, reputation and longevity. Website Speed and Performance testing. Evaluate and choose hosting for your own websites and client sites, with insights from 15 years of hosting client websites. Build more than 10 modern mobile-responsive websites, each with a different focus and learning purpose - each one could be re-purposed for a client website. Active and helpful community and forum. Direct access to your instructors for questions and help through the Udemy communications channels. Create a blog-style website, including category and tag navigation systems, and post formats for organizing content Updating WordPress, Themes and Plugins Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 42 Lectures 09:29:58 – Introduction 54:28 Introduction 00:49 Our first project preview 09:54 Our 2nd project preview 06:24 Our 3rd project preview 07:58 Introduction about Domain and Webhosting 06:31 Downloading and installing XAMPP 05:45 Downloading and installing Wordpress on your local machine 09:23 Installing wordpress 07:44 – Creating professional logo without using Expensive softwares 58:00 Using Logomakr 12:01 Using Canva the right way 37:57 Uploading Media files 08:02 – Introduction to wordpress and dahsboard 31:58 Customizing the dashboard 08:18 Creating pages and menus 07:33 Wordpress dashboard setting 06:15 Plugin installation in different ways 09:52 – Making our first website 06:48:31 Theme Installation 05:16 Uploading and setting Logo and Favicon 07:49 Layout Setting 15:51 Sidebar Setting inside Enfold dashboard 03:33 Discussing all the section of Enfold Theme 07:18 Creating Slider for the frontpage Using method 1 23:43 Creating Slider Method 2 and 3 24:50 Creating Slider method 4 Using Advance Layer Slider WP 36:02 Front-page Explained 20:34 Front-page Services section 27:16 Saving Each section as a Template 04:45 Front-Page Goal section 16:15 Frontpage Skills Section blog and latest work section 20:13 Contact form Explained with security 14:54 Footer Widget Section Explained 06:28 Sidebar Setting and customization. 08:42 Blog page setup and Explaination 29:06 Creating Blog Posts, Categories and tags in different ways. 18:56 Extra video Updating Blog Banners for our Posts 04:54 Creating our Portfolio Page 12:24 Adding Portfolio Items 29:00 Creating About us Page 42:49 Google API key 04:42 About us page Explained 10:26 Creating Contact us page 12:45 – Mailchimp Account and form customization 17:01 Creating Mailchimp account and Getting Mailchimp API key 08:17 Mailchimp Form Customization 08:44 " - Ref.: Udemy.com

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