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"Build a Crypto Currency Portfolio App With Ruby on Rails"-Ref.:Udemy.com
  Reference: https://www.udemy.com/build-a-crypto-currency-portfolio-app-with-ruby-on-rails/

" * How To Use An API To Get Crypto Currency Data With Ruby On Rails * What Will I Learn? * Build Web Apps With Ruby On Rails * Build Your Own Crypto Currency Website * Setup and Use A Cloud Environment * Understand Basic Terminal Commands * Push Code To Github * Host Web Apps On Heroku * Understand the Bootstrap CSS Framework * Use Databases with Ruby on Rails * Connect To a 3rd Party API * Understand Basic Ruby Loops * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Development Tools * Course Introduction * Intro To Cloud 9 * C9 Walkthru * Version Control With Git * Github.com * Building A Basic Rails App * Creating Our First Webpage * Rails Routing * Manually Creating an About Page * Understanding Application.html.erb * Creating Links * Creating Partials * CSS With Bootstrap * Building a Bootstrap Navbar * Crypto Currency Data API * CoinMarketCap API Intro * Crypto Controller * Crypto Output * Looping Through The Output * Single Coin Lookup Form * Form Error Handling * Connecting To The API * Creating a User Management System * Intro To User Management With Devise * Installing Devise * Devise Database * Devise Views and Routes * Devise Links * Devise View Bootstraping * Devise Panel Views * Building A Portfolio System * Intro To The Portfolio Database * Creating a Crypto Database Table * Portfolio View Pages * Portfolio Links * Rails Associations * Associations Continued * Defining The Correct User * Bootstrapping the Listing Page Table * Connecting To The API * Cleaning Up The List Page * Getting Price and Total Value * Calculating Profit and Loss * Calculating Percentage Change * Running Total Profit Loss * Tweaking the Show Page * Professional Web Hosting For Rails Apps * Intro To Heroku Web Hosting * Heroku Login * Pushing Our Code To Heroku * Heroku Domain Names * Course Conclusion " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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