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"Become a Java Developer and get the Job | Java for beginners"
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/become-a-java-developer-and-get-the-job/

" * Learn everything practically about Java and become a Java Engineer. * * What Will I Learn? * Write java programs effectively * Installation + setup of java and intellij idea * Understand what is java and how it works * Learn what are variables and how to use them * Understand different data types in java and how to use them effectively * Understand different types of operators in java and how to use them * Learn to use different types of conditional statements in java * Learn to use different types of loop statements in java * Learn about break and continue in java * Learn what are methods in java and how to use them * Learn various object oriented concepts in java * Learn about abstraction, polymorphism in java * Learn about inheritance and encapsulation * Understand what are classes and objects * Understand what are constructors in java * Understand what is method overloading, constructor overloading and operator overloading * Understand what is method overriding * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Introduction and Setup * Installing Java and Intellij * Introduction to Java * Download source files * What is java * How java works * Writing your first java program * Overview of intellij idea * Comments in java * Variables, Datatypes and Operators in Java * What are variables? * Understanding byte, short, int, long * Understanding float and double data type * Understanding char and boolean * Arithmetic Operators in Java * Relational Operators in Java * Logical Operators in Java * Assignment Operators in Java * Conditional Operator OR Ternary Operator * Conditional statements and loops in Java * If...else in Java * Nested if and laddered if * While loop in java * Do while in java * For statement in java * Switch statement in java * Break statement in java * Continue statement in java * Methods * What are methods in java * Methods with parameters * Returning value from method * OOPS and Java : Classes, objects, constructors, inheritance * Conceptual overview : Classes and Objects in java * Classes and Objects : Part II * What are constructors * What are constructors * Inheritance in Java * OOPS and Java : Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation * Polymorphism in Java * Polymorphism in Java : Method overloading * Polymorphism in Java : Constructor overloading * Polymorphism in Java : Operator overloading * Method overriding * Abstraction in java * Encapsulation in java " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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