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"Node.Js: Building REST APIs with Sails.js(v1.0)"-Ref.:Udemy.com
 Reference: https://www.udemy.com/building-rest-apis-with-sailsjs/?couponCode=CUP_18

" * The complete guide to build Resful APIS with Sails.js(v1.0), Mysql, and MongoDB * What Will I Learn? * Build Complete Rest Apis In SailsJs * Learn Authentication In SailsJs * Learn how to use multiple Datastores in SailsJs * Curriculum For This Course - 52 Lectures * Getting Setup * Installing Nodejs * Source Code * Introduction to Sails.js * Creating Sails Project * Understanding Sails Directory Structure * Blueprints Restful Routes in Sailsjs * Shortcut Routes in Sails.js * Debugging Sailsjs Application * Debugging In Webstorm * Debugging In VS Code * Debugging In Chrome * Understanding Sails.js in Depth * Understanding Sails Application Instance * Understanding Load Method in Sailjs * Understanding Initialize Server * Understanding Sails lift * Understanding Blueprint API * Understanding Application Life Cycle * Datastores in Sails.js * Installing Mysql * Connecting Sails.js App to Mysql * Installing MongoDB * Connecting Sails.js App to MongoDB * Understanding Automigrate in Sails.js * CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) Companies * Module Introduction * Challenge: Create Company Model * Solution: Create Company Model * Challenge: Create new Company * Solution: Create new Company * Async/Await with Models * Find All Companies * FindOne Company * Update Company By Id * Delete Company By Id * Adding Relationship between Models * Challenge: One way Association * Solution: One way Association * Creating Jobs * Find All Jobs * Adding One to Many Relationship * Adding Relation with Job and Company * Populating Jobs with Companies * Adding Many to Many Relationship * Create and Find All Applications * Populating Candidates with Jobs * Authentication in Sails.js * JWT Authentication Workflow * Creating User Model * Adding Validations * Saving User to DB * Encrypt the User Password * Implementing Login * Creating JSON Web Token * Creating IsLoggedIn Policy * Applying Policy to All Endpoints in Sails * Understanding Policies in Sailsjs * Adding Relation with Company and User " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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