"Mac Photos 2018: Photo Editing, Organizing, & Sharing on Mac"-Ref.:Udemy.com | Mac Photos 2018 | Photo Editing: Photo Editing, Organizing, Photo Sharing, Mac Photos, Mac Photos 2018

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"Mac Photos 2018: Photo Editing, Organizing, & Sharing on Mac"-Ref.:Udemy.com
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" The complete Mac Photos course where you'll learn how to organize and edit photos with Apple's Photos app like a pro. What Will I Learn? Become completely comfortable using Mac Photos Import and organize photos so you can easily find them Edit and adjust your photos to make them look amazing Save and share your photos to your computer, online, or with iCloud Create and order projects such as books, calendars, and more Use the Photos app on your iPhone to organize, edit, and share Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 53 Lectures 04:01:40 – Introduction 21:35 Welcome to the Course Preview 01:58 Download the Course Practice Photos 00:23 Import Photos from Your Computer Preview 02:44 Import Photos from Your Camera Preview 02:32 Import Photos from iPhone via Cable Preview 01:34 Import Photos with iCloud Preview 07:56 Import Photos with My Photo Stream 03:38 Pro Tip: Import Photos from Online 00:50 – Viewing and Organizing Your Photos 25:12 Viewing Your Photos 06:05 Viewing Photos by People, Places, and More 05:02 Creating Albums, Smart Albums, and Albums by Photo Type 06:29 Easily Find Your Photos with Keywords + Favoriting Photos 07:36 – Editing & Adjusting Your Photos 01:22:35 Basic Editing and Auto-Enhancing 06:45 Use Filters to Automatically Make Your Photos Look Amazing 02:53 Crop and Rotate 03:24 Case Study: When to Crop and Rotate 04:44 Light / Exposure Adjustments 05:40 Color Adjustments 03:18 Black and White Adjustments 03:39 Retouching Photos to Remove Blemishes or Unwanted Objects + Red Eye Removal 06:26 White Balance Adjustments 06:29 Levels 11:05 Curves 08:07 Definition Adjustments 02:02 Selective Color Adjustments 03:49 Noise Reduction 04:31 Sharpening 02:47 Adding a Vignette 03:15 Editing a Live Photo 03:41 – Export and Share Your Photos 43:30 Save Photos as Files 07:46 Save Live Photos as GIFs or Still Images 01:41 Share Photos Online 01:44 Create a Slideshow 10:50 Printing Photos 04:35 Order Prints Right from Your Mac 03:09 Create a Calendar 05:57 Create a Book 05:09 Create a Card 02:39 – Full Photo Editing Sessions 39:46 Editing a Portrait 10:31 Editing a Group Photo 08:34 Editing a Creative Landscape Photo 07:17 Editing a Night Photo 08:08 Editing a Cat Portrait 05:16 – Advanced Mac Photo Tips & Tricks 12:21 How to Find Photos in Finder 01:20 Change Where Photos Are Stored 02:23 Send Photos to Other Apps for Editing 02:09 View All Keyboard Shortcuts 00:51 Working with Video in Mac Photos 05:38 – Bonus Section! Using the iPhone Photos App 15:17 Viewing and Organizing Photos on Your Phone 04:55 Sharing Photos from Your Phone 04:02 Editing Photos on Your Phone 06:20 – Conclusion 01:24 Conclusion 01:15 Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off 00:09 " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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