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"Easy HTML5 + CSS3 + Bootstrap Web Design for Beginners"-Ref.:Udemy.com
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" Quickly learn HTML5 and CSS3 + Bootstrap - the basics of Web Development - to design your own responsive websites. What Will I Learn? You will learn how to build a custom website with HTML, CSS, and Boostrap You will learn real-world skills to build professional and modern websites You will learn the basic building blocks to becoming a web developer You will learn to build websites while you learn each building block - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap You will get bonus downloadable cheat sheets and guides to help you quickly design your websites You will learn how to use each skill in the real world with case studies You will learn basic web design tips so your websites look and act professionally Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 79 Lectures 08:37:05 – Welcome 09:37 Welcome to the Course + 3 Tips for Better Learning Preview 02:34 Install the Tools & Start Editing Websites Preview 05:04 DOWNLOAD: HTML Cheat Sheets 00:17 Quick Hello from Phil Preview 01:42 – HTML 5 01:36:24 Intro to the HTML Section Preview 00:46 What is HTML? See how it's used EVERYWHERE! Preview 10:39 Case Study: Changing the President's Tweets Preview 02:28 Start a New HTML File & Use Tags 11:36 Header Tags: How to use them + why they are important. 05:23 Case Study: Using Header Tags to Improve SEO 07:22 Edit Text: Spacing, Styles, Paragraphs and more! 08:31 Links: Create Clickable Text-based Hyperlinks 08:59 Images: Add Images to Your Website with HTML 09:48 Case Study: Add an Clickable Image to My Website 06:44 Lists: Create Bullet-Point and Numbered Lists with HTML 04:09 Challenge Exercise 1: Build Your First Basic Website with HTML 15:59 Outro: Congrats, you know the basics of HTML! 00:55 HTML Source Code 00:05 Basic HTML for WordPress Users 03:00 – CSS 3 01:49:03 Intro to CSS 03:43 How to Add CSS Styles 16:09 Case Study: Change the Header Style for My Website 05:29 Classes and Ids 07:27 Borders 05:32 Sizing 04:13 Padding and Margin: Putting Space Between Elements 07:14 Case Study: Using Padding & Margins to Adjust My Website 04:11 Text Styles: Alignment, Justification, and more! 04:26 Divs: Add Styling to a Group of HTML Code 07:57 Positioning: Move Around Elements on Your Screen 07:34 Hover: Change the Style while Hovering 02:32 Easily Center Elements with CSS 02:29 Fonts: Change the Font of Your Website 05:42 Challenge Exercise 2: Create a Website with CSS 23:29 Outro: Congrats, you know the basics of CSS! 00:56 – Bootstrap 01:00:46 Intro to Bootstrap 01:44 Install Bootstrap: Get Started with Bootstrap 10:08 Indenting and Containers 07:19 The Grid System: Make Your Website Responsive 16:24 Images: Add Images with Bootstrap 06:46 Buttons: Create Beautiful Buttons with Bootstrap 06:12 Challenge Exercise 3: Create a Website with Bootstrap 11:05 Outro: Congrats, you know the basics of Bootstrap! 01:03 Bootstrap Source Code 00:05 – Project 1 - Design a Landing Page 01:08:41 Intro to Website Project 1 01:10 Sketch Your Website 04:53 Design the Top Section of Your Website 16:18 Polish the Top Section of Your Website 05:53 Add Images to Your Website 10:59 Add Main Points to Your Website 14:07 Collect Emails: Add an Email Opt-in Form to Your Website 10:44 Challenge Exercise 4: Create Your Own Landing Page 03:00 Outro 01:37 – Project 2 - Business Website 01:20:08 Intro 01:03 Sketch 02:55 Fancy Font Logo 07:00 Carousel Basics 10:26 Carousel Extras 08:48 Text on Images 15:03 Phone GlypIcon 03:53 Google Maps 12:47 Font Awesome 09:02 Challenge 08:05 Outro 01:01 Chicken King Source Code 00:05 – Project 3 - Portfolio 01:07:57 Intro 00:52 Sketch 08:00 Jumbotron 10:13 NavBar 23:41 Panels 11:19 Challenge 12:34 Outro 01:13 Rick or Nick Source Code 00:05 – Hosting - Getting Your Website on the Internet 24:28 Intro 01:16 Bluehost 06:10 Uploading 05:24 Random Tips 10:35 Outro 01:03 – Bonuses 00:09 Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off 00:09 " - Ref.: Udemy.com

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