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"Complete Wordpress Website Developer Course"-Ref.:Udemy.com
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-wordpress-developer-course-w/?couponCode=100OFF
" Learn WordPress step by step to make beautiful blogs, websites,e-commerce sites to start your business ONLINE. What Will I Learn? Create beautiful blogs, stunning website and paying e-commerce websites. Master the WordPress for building and fixing websites. Set Up Domain and Hosting with no hurdle. Migrate your WordPress Webiste in Clicks. And much more. Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 42 Lectures 03:30:14 – Introduction To WordPress 14:26 What is WordPress? Preview 02:40 Features of Wordpress 04:01 Who uses WordPress? 03:30 Why WordPress? Preview 04:15 – Setting Up WordPress 23:40 Understanding Localhost 03:32 Installing MAMP 06:26 Installing WordPress Preview 07:12 Quick Tour of Dashboard 06:30 – Content Creation In WordPress 34:12 Making A Post Preview 09:30 Adding Featured Image and Normal Image 04:32 Categories 03:41 Tag 03:40 Getting Images From Websites 04:14 Media 02:16 Comments 02:31 Making A Page 02:36 Assignment 01:12 – Playing With WordPress Settings 25:10 Understanding Settings Part 1 11:19 Understanding Setting Part 2 13:51 – Managing Users 14:41 Quick Look at User Profile 06:25 Adding Users 08:16 – Plugin in WordPress 15:19 Understanding and Installing Plugin 10:04 Installing Plugin from Dashboard 03:20 Editor Option In Plugin 01:55 – Themes In WordPress 18:29 Understanding Themes 10:12 Installing Themes From Dashboard 04:03 Premium Themes and Plugins 04:14 – Menus and Widgets 12:53 Creating Menu In WordPress 06:25 Widgets In WordPress 06:28 – Finishing Up The Basics 16:27 Adding SiteIcon 02:10 Theme Options 10:01 Playing With Customizer Options 04:16 – Setting Up Domain and Hosting 24:24 Understand Domain and Hosting 02:36 Registering Domain and Hosting 06:06 Connecting Domain and Hosting 03:09 Installing WordPress On Domain 04:51 Registering Free Domain Name 05:26 Connecting Free Domain Name 02:16 - Migrating WordPress Website 10:33 Migration Plugins 02:42 Exporting Your Site 03:22 Importing Site 01:39 Finishing Up Migration 02:50 " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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