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"Android Material Design Course: Learn Mobile UI/UX"-Ref.:Udemy.com
" Start Designing Mobile Apps from Scratch by Using UI and UX Techniques and Android Material Design Guidelines What Will I Learn? Create mobile app designs from scratch Create Android Material Design apps from scratch Design Android Material Design apps Learn Material Design guidelines and patterns\ User Experience design for mobile apps Develop a very basic Android application Learn what makes Android app designs good/bad Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 69 Lectures 08:24:29 – Welcome 04:20 UX versus UI Preview 01:14 Why Code? 01:24 What’s Android Material Design? 01:42 Introduction 3 questions – User Experience Design for Mobile 45:48 Why Do We Need UX? 02:03 Mobile App Design Process Preview 02:35 Types of Apps Preview 04:33 App Categories 02:52 The Context 04:19 Starting From Idea Preview 01:58 Personas 07:19 User Stories 03:04 Sketching 02:37 Wireframing Preview 03:20 Prototypes 01:35 UI Flows (Storyboards) 02:57 Principles of Mobile UX 03:06 Smarter UX Process 03:30 User Experience Design for Mobile Quiz 3 questions – Introduction to Android Design 08:29 Material Design Overview 01:03 Density Independent Pixels 02:00 Start With Small Screens! 01:02 Assets Sizes 01:40 States 00:42 Layouts 02:02 – Android Material Design Style and Guidelines 13:46 Colors 02:23 Typography 02:43 Icons 03:01 Images 02:40 Layout Principles 02:59 Introduction to Android Design Quiz 3 questions – Android Material Design UI Patterns 14:36 What Are UI Design Patterns? 01:22 Navigation Preview 04:35 Input 05:19 Content Management 02:17 Material Design Inspiration 01:03 Android Material Design UI Patterns Quiz 3 questions – Visual Android Lollipop App Design in Adobe Photoshop 03:12:37 Introduction 01:19 User Research 01:27 Creating Persona for the App 02:48 Scenario 02:53 Wireframing SPLASH Screen in PS 10:26 Wireframing SIGN IN Screen in PS 06:09 Wireframing HOME Screen in PS 19:55 Wireframing NAV DRAWER Screen in PS 07:36 Wireframing PROFILE Screen in PS 19:25 Wireframing COMPOSE NEW MESSAGE Screen in PS 08:27 Designing SPLASH screen 16:20 Designing SIGN IN screen 14:49 Designing HOME screen (part 1) 16:07 Designing HOME screen (part 2) 16:09 Designing NAV DRAWER screen 19:32 Designing PROFILE screen 19:39 Designing COMPOSE NEW MESSAGE screen 09:36 – Android Studio Installation 19:51 What’s Android Studio? 01:47 Installing Android Studio 03:48 Creating a New Android Studio Project 04:26 Installing Genymotion 07:42 Launching Application and Creating an AVD 02:08 – Android Development: Building Funny Engineer Facts App 01:35:02 What Are We Going To Create? 01:24 Exploring Android Studio Hierarchy 14:39 Adding a TextView 11:00 Adding a Button 06:12 Setting Colors 02:38 Setting Padding  06:56 Methods and Classes in Android 10:32 Referencing Views and Making a Button Clickable 10:44 onClick() Method 05:27 Random Number 09:05 Conditions in Android 08:51 Arrays in Android 06:55 Final 00:39 Android Development: Building Funny Engineer Facts App Quiz 3 questions – Course slides (which is actually an ebook on its own!) 00:00 Android Material Design: Learn UX, UI & Android Marshmallow Slides 110 pages " - Ref.: Udemy.com  
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