"How to create a complete project plan in less than 1 hour?"-Ref.:Udemy.com | Create Project: Project Plan, Create Project Plan, Project, Project Planning

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"How to create a complete project plan in less than 1 hour?"-Ref.:Udemy.com
" Create quickly a complete project timeline that you can use immediately. Guiding questions and examples included. What Will I Learn? You will learn how to define all project activities You will learn what aspects to consider when making a list of the project activities You will make your own list of activities for your project You will define the project scope You'll learn to define your project strategy - best practice 4 stages strategy is included You'll learn to separate your project activities in 4 stages to can bring benefits early on the project and to assess the technical unknowns You'll assign dates, duration and responsible for all your actions You'll generate your Gantt chart that you can use it straight ahead Learn how to create a project timeline " - Ref.: Udemy.com 
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