"Introduction to Docker for Java Developers"-Ref.:Udemy.com, Java, Docker, Docker for Java, Programming, Development, DevOps

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"Introduction to Docker for Java Developers"-Ref.:Udemy.com
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/introduction-to-docker-for-java-developers/
" * Introduction to Docker for Java Developers * What Will I Learn? * Build, Ship and Run Docker applications using Java * Devops in Docker for Java Developers * Add Docker to the resume. * Requirements * Basic understanding of Java * Windows 10 Home/Professional or MAC OS X Sierra or greater * Smile and Motivation throughout the course and the aspiration to finish it. * Description * * Introduction to Docker for Java Developers (Real world use cases and hands on learning course) * * Introductory course on using Java (JDK 8) with Docker. You will learn how to create Docker images and spawn containers using NGINX, Apache httpd, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Mounting Logs and Microservices in Java using Docker Compose. You will a 100% hands on experience going thru real world use cases, and the problems which Docker aspires to solve. After taking the course you will be able to Build->Ship->Run using Docker. * * Pre-requisite: The student will need to know JDK Fundamentals before taking this course and should have a PC with Windows 10 Professional or MAC OSX * * * Who is the target audience? * Developers interested to build Java apps using Docker * Docker for Java J2EE developers * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Important : Navigating through this course * How to navigate through this course? * Docker Fundamentals and Introduction * What is Docker? * Docker Engine * Real World Use case - The problem * Real World Use case - Docker to the rescue * Docker Installation on the MAC and Windows * Docker installation on the MAC * Docker installation on Windows 10 Professional * Docker Summary Break - 1 * Important-Note : Before you start the use cases * Windows only: Before you start the use case * MAC only: Before you start the use case * Use Case 1 : Host a website on Apache httpd Server * What are we going to do? * What is a Docker Image? * Building, Listing and Inspecting Images * Running Containers, listing, starting and stopping containers * Logging into the container * Removing Containers and Images *Usecase-1: Quick Summary and Recap * Use Case 2 : Host a website on NGINX HTTP Server * Introduction to Use Case 2 * Build->Tag->Push & Pull images * Brain Overload - 1 * What have you learnt so far? * Use Case 3 : Docker-Git integration and creating a custom UBUNTU image * Introduction to Use Case 3 * Build a Custom UBUNTU Image with JDK, VI editor, MAVEN * Docker-GIT-Integration * Use Case 4: Deploy a Spring MVC war application on Apache Tomcat 8.x * Introduction and Deployment of war application on Tomcat 8.5 * Use Case 5 and 6 : Multiple containers w/ different JDK and Tomcat on UBUNTU * JDK7-Tomcat-7 and JDK8-Tomcat-8 on UBUNTU * Use Case 7: Mounting Volumes * Mounting Log Volumes * Use Case 8: Microservices using Docker Machine and Docker Compose * Introduction to Docker-Machine * MAC Only: Pre-requisite for installing Docker Machine * Windows only: Pre-requisite for Installing Docker Machine * Windows only: Setting up 2 Docker Machines * Docker-compose Basics and Use case set up * Working with Docker-compose * Use Case 9: Microservices with Docker, Spring Boot and Hibernate with MYSQL * Introduction and Initial Set up * Building Spring Boot Microservice with Docker * Use Case 10:Microservices using docker compose * Use Case 10: Scaling up Microservices using Docker compose * Quick Code Overview * Summary, Docker Cheatsheets, Feedback * All Powerpoints and Docker Cheatsheet " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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