"Infrastructure & Cloud Career Planning 2018 - Complete guide"-Ref.:Udemy.com, IT Infrastructure, Cloud, Career Planning, IT Infrastructure Career Planning, Cloud Career Planning

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"Infrastructure & Cloud Career Planning 2018 - Complete guide"-Ref.:Udemy.com
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/it-networking-career-planning-guide-for-best-outcomes/
" * The Ultimate Guide for IT Infrastructure and Cloud Career Planning - For those new or changing career into IT and Cloud * What Will I Learn? * Define their Job Role and Career goals based on knowing themselves and the career details ahead of them * Plan a six figure $ career plan maximizing their potential outcomes and gains * Undestand and advocate career plans that takes into account the hottest skills on demand in networking * Understand why it is crucial to leave behind the dated career plans that do not maximize outcomes * Understand what it takes to reach the top of the networking career and how to maintain it * Know clearly how to stay updated to continue being amongst the best network resources available * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Networking Certification - Career Planning checklist 2017 * Introduction * Course Importance * New Trends/Technologies and their Impact * Network Career Introduction * Network Field is Changing - New and Evolving Trends * Classical Plans for Career Certifications - A full makeover is needed * Current Common Certification Mindset - A change is a MUST! * Certification Strategies that MUST be avoided * Hot Skills you Must Target * Certification vs Knowledge - One or both? * Hot Skills (continued) * Potential field jobs roles and the respective requirements * Different CCIE specialization and expected Salaries * Job Roles and Expected Salaries in some Geographies * Robert Half technologies 2017 Career Salary Survey * Found a Job but Pay is not as high as expected - what to expect! * Salary expectations - Part 1 - Global Knowledge Salary Survey * Exercise one - Draft and Identify your goals, expectations from this field * Career in Networking ? Where to start! * Time investment required - Plan example * Financial Investment required - Example Plan * It is absolutely worth it! a Return On Investment (ROI) discussion * Example of Career Certification Plans that you Must avoid * Exams of Good Career Certification plans that can be followed * Potential Challenges and Setbacks * Potential Challenges and Setbacks (coninued) * Be Careful of the Comfort Zone in Highly paid jobs * Success Setback Persistence True Career Stories * Excercise Build your Draft Career and Certification Plan * Plan is set - How to execute * Certification Info - Cisco and Arista * Certification Info - VMware and Open Networking Foundation * Certification Info - AWS EC-Council Docker * Where is Cisco headed? * Learn what Cisco is calling clients to do! and ACT NOW! * Cisco ACI mastery program - Hottest Data Center and Cloud , SDN-solution * How to Stay updated * Thinking Strategically - Career Next Steps * Connections and their role in job hunt * Quick Winning Career Plan - Think Smartly and find the right milestone Order * Quick Winning Plan - Reprioritize your Milestones and Maximize the outcomes * First Job hunt challenges - What to do? * Summarized - the 8 strategies of Career and Certification Success * Insights, Feedback " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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