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" Oracle SQL - A Complete Introduction ( Learn the basics of Oracle SQL with these easy-to-follow Oracle SQL lessons and examples. - What Will I Learn? In this course, you will learn how to write basic SQL statements to view data, insert data, update existing data and delete data in a database.-Curriculum For This Course Collapse All 69 Lectures 04:38:20 – Introduction and Setup 03:03 Introduction 03:03 – Software Setup 14:17 Oracle Express Download and Install 05:53 How To Install Oracle On A Mac 00:17 SQL Developer Download 03:45 Set Up a Connection in SQL Developer 04:22 – Sample Data 04:27 Our Sample Database 02:14 Setting Up Our Sample Data 02:13 – Viewing Data 41:14 How to View Data With the SELECT Statement 05:38 Selecting Individual Columns 05:33 Filtering Data with WHERE 03:48 Comparison Operators 03:18 Filtering on Partial Values with LIKE 04:15 Filtering on Date Values 03:35 Using Two Filters 03:03 More Than Two Filters 03:54 What is NULL? 03:49 Getting Unique Records with DISTINCT 04:21 SELECT Quiz 3 questions – More Operators 16:30 IN and NOT IN 04:09 BETWEEN and NOT BETWEEN 03:19 ALL Keyword 04:18 ANY Keyword 04:44 Operators Quiz 3 questions – Sorting Data 07:52 Sorting Results with the ORDER BY Clause 04:19 Ordering By Multiple Columns 03:33 – Set Operators 18:51 Set Operators and UNION 06:06 UNION ALL Operator 02:30 INTERSECT Operator 03:58 MINUS Operator 02:38 Three or More Sets At Once 03:39 – Aggregate Functions and Grouping 38:59 What are Functions? 01:48 Counting Data 04:01 Using COUNT in Other Ways 04:08 Counting Data Within Groups with GROUP BY 05:30 GROUP BY with WHERE and ORDER BY 04:36 GROUP BY with Multiple Columns 04:02 GROUP BY with HAVING 04:09 The SUM Function 03:25 Using the MAX and MIN functions 04:22 Using the AVG function 02:58 – Joins 53:03 What are Table Aliases? 03:06 What Are Column Aliases? 05:02 What Are Joins? 02:07 Inner Join 07:46 Left Outer Join 05:11 Right Outer Join 03:10 Full Outer Join 02:13 Natural Join 03:20 Cartesian or Cross Join 03:27 Self Join 04:56 Joining Many Tables 07:51 Alternative Join Syntax 04:54 – Functions 32:49 String Functions 05:51 Nesting Functions Within Functions 03:46 Number Functions 04:48 Date Functions 05:47 Data Types and Conversion Functions 05:23 The CASE Statement 07:14 - Subqueries 09:03 What are Subqueries? 02:10 Single Row Subqueries 03:00 Multi Row Subqueries 03:53 - Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data 26:34 Inserting Data 08:43 Inserting Data From Another Table 04:33 Updating Data 04:01 Deleting Data 02:59 COMMIT and ROLLBACK 04:17 Truncating Data 02:01 - Creating, Altering, and Dropping Tables 09:48 Create a Table 04:44 Alter a Table 03:30 Drop a Table 01:34 - Conclusion 01:47 Conclusion 01:47 ) "
- Ref.: Udemy.com
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/introduction-to-oracle-sql/

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