"The A-to-Z Product Creation Hack: Blueprint to Guru Launches"-Ref.:Udemy.com, Product Creation

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"The A-to-Z Product Creation Hack: Blueprint to Guru Launches"-Ref.:Udemy.com
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" -Start creating high-quality products. Discover the secrets to record, edit, build your sales funnels & sales scripts. What Will I Learn? -You'll be able to research any industry or niche to see if it's a valuable opportunity -You'll be able to create your own product -You'll be able to setup your first sales funnel -You'll know the exact sales script you should use for your products & upsells/downsells -Curriculum For This Course - Lectures -Tools I Personally Use for Recording -Recording with Open Broadcaster [OBS] -Creating a Professional Background for $50 -Voice Inflection for 2X Sales -Outlining Your Products in Minutes -Outline Your Product -The Product Creation Guru -The Product Creation Prepper -Editing Your Videos with Paid Software -Editing Your Video with Free Software -Creating Homework for Students -Getting Graphic Design for $5 -Doing Your Own Graphic Design -Where to Host Your Products -ClickFunnels Walkthrough -ClickFunnels Registration -ClickFunnels Templates -Connecting Your Auto Responder -Getting Graphic Design for ALMOST NO MONEY -Uploading Your Freebie -Connecting Your Payment Gateway -Setting Up Your Custom Domain -Editing Your ClickFunnels Sales Funnel How to A/B Split Test in Seconds On-Page SEO Optimization Hacks Adding Your Products for Checkout Adding Your Upsells Adding Tracking Codes Thank You Page Tips Front-End Sales Funnel Squeeze Page TYP Page Sales Page WWWH Script Star, Story, Solution Script Upsell Page OTO (One Time Offer) Script Duplicating Sales Funnels to Raise OTO Prices Thank You Page How 100 Clicks a Day = $20,000 a Month The Value Ladder Value Ladder Buildout (Affiliate) 09:54 Value Ladder Buildout (Your Own Product) 19:58 – Success Hacking 29:43 What Is Success Hacking? 02:18 Finding Demographics 05:41 Success Hacking The Offer 02:05 Success Hacking The Landing Pages 08:18 Success Hacking Traffic Source 01:13 Success Hacking Ad Copy 10:08 – Creating Your Product 02:13:01 The Success Formula 04:01 Who? 52:29 Where? 22:39 Bait? 10:28 Result 02:56 Giveaways for Getting Ways to Succeed 06:27 The 4 Types of Products 03:24 How to Create Products Fast 02:26 Adding Your Products to a Catalogue Page 04:26 How to Create Bonuses from Thin Air 10:21 How to Make More Money with Your Products 02:56 Creating Your Upsells (Tips & Tricks) 10:28 – Email Marketing Overview 16:42 Why Email Everyday 03:10 Seinfeld Email Sequence 10:51 Setup Your Autoresponder [Aweber] 01:22 How to Send Your Broadcast Email 01:19 – Bonus Section 03:18 FREE BOOK: Sales Funnel Secrets Preview 02:11 Final Words for The Course 01:07 " - Ref.: Udemy.com 
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/the-a-to-z-product-creation-hack-the-blueprint-to-guru-launches/?couponCode=FREE2BE 

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