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"The Complete WordPress Website Course"-Ref.:Udemy.com
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" * Master WordPress with this Complete WordPress Course, Learn how to confidently build websites without Programming! * What Will I Learn? * Create all kinds of commercial websites, using WordPress, to sell to clients * Build personal/resume Website with WordPress * Build Business Corporate Websites with WordPress * Build Professional Blogs with WordPress * Build eCommerce websites with WordPress and PayPal for accepting payments * Build Social Networking Website with WordPress * Build a Booking Website for Hotel with WordPress * Work with WordPress APIs to accept credit Card payments * Requirements * A working Laptop/computer, either Windows or Mac. * A browser: Chrome/Firefox/Safari * Internet Access * This Course starts from basics hence no EXPERIENCE Required * Description * You're here because you want to master WordPress, right? * * This WordPress Course was created for you! * * Take this course if either of these apply to you: * * You own a business and need more clients OR * Your Idea involves making a website OR * You want to learn WordPress * 75 millions users use WordPress making it Number One website content management system (CMS) worldwide. This course explains the most basic features of WordPress and also deals with advanced web design concepts. By the end of this WordPress online training you will have enough knowledge to create a Professional WordPress website of your own and not only that but you can create websites for your clients. * * WordPress is the perfect tool for creating a fully customized website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a blog, a personal portfolio, a corporate business site, a forum, a classified website, an eCommerce site or a business website to sell your products and services, you can do it with WordPress. * * While it's never been easier to build a website, many people get lost when it comes to creating a stylish WordPress website. By following this Complete WordPress course, you will build powerful WordPress websites with different plugins and get ahead on your journey as an entrepreneur. * * Why am I Worth Your Time? * * Through this course, I'll teach you everything I've learned and mastered through 8 years of building, managing, migrating, and hosting WordPress websites. * * The instructor Tanzeel is very passionate about the topic of Wordpress and it shows. He is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot! I am very confident about how to build my own Wordpress site now, all thanks to this course ~~Wendy Aston * * I'll walk you through every step in how to use WordPress through a series of videos. I've also included useful resource documents for you to reference. * * ~I know where you're at. * * ~I know where you're coming from. * * _____________________________ * * WHAT PROJECTS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE? * * PROJECT#1: A personal Website: In this project we design a single page responsive personal/resume WordPress based website with a contact form that is connected via SMTP Server so it may send emails. * * PROJECT#2: A Business Website: In this project we build a multi page responsive business WordPress website with a contact form and a portfolio. * * PROJECT#3: A Blog: In this project we design a professional blog with pagination and custom WordPress Blog Posts. * * PROJECT#4: An eCommerce Website: In this project we build 3 amazing eCommerce websites that consists of cart and checkout page. Shipping rates, tax, use of coupons, variable products and everything that is used to build an ecommerce website with WordPress is explained briefly. Extra add-on are also included in this project like currency converter. * * PROJECT#5: A Lead Page: In this project we design a lead page based on WordPress with the email opt in form that is connected with Mailchimp via APIs. * * PROJECT#6: A Hotel booking and rent a car Website: In this project we build a real time WordPress based booking website where people can book hotel or rent a car in real time and they can pay for the booking by PayPal or credit card. * * PROJECT#7: A Classified Website: In this project we build a classified website like gumtree or OLX with WordPress. * * _______________________________________ * * Summary of what you'll learn? * * You will learn in detail about Domain, Hosting, Xampp for running WordPress * Manual and Auto Installation of WordPress * Creation and integration of databases with WordPress * WordPress Basic Settings * How to Choose a Perfect WordPress theme for your business * How to build a personal/resume site with WordPress * What are the WordPress plugins and how to use them * How to build professional blogs with WordPress * How to build a Corporate style business website with WordPress * How to setup an eCommerce site (online store) and sell your products using WordPress * What is Paypal and how to integrate Wordpress with API to receive payments * What is 2Checkout and how to integrate WordPress with API to receive Credit Card Payments * How to build a social networking Website using WordPress * How to setup an Online Forum using WordPress * How to build an advanced Booking WordPress Website with Online Payment Integration * How to Build a Classified Website like gumtree using WordPress as the CMS * After taking this course you'll have unique, professional and easy-to-use WordPress website to be proud of - and you'll have created it yourself! * * ___________________________________ * * Paid Hosting, Plugins and themes recommended in this course: * * 1. Hostgator web hosting: worth $150. (you can also go with a free web hosting, explained in the course) * * 2. Elementor pro plugin: worth $49. (You can go with the free version if you do not wish to buy that, but it is recommended). * * 3. Eleganttheme Divi: worth $89. (This theme is also not mandatory, but is highly recommended by the instructor). * * Who is the target audience? * You wanna learn Complete WordPress? Take This Course! * If you are already a WordPress developer, You may not need this Course * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures * Setting up the website * Lets Get Started! (Must Watch) * What are the requirements for a website to go LIVE * Getting a Paid Web Hosting * Installing WordPress in the web hosting * How to Get a Free Web Hosting * Install WP On Computer * WordPress Basics (Must Watch if you are new to WordPress) * What we will learn in this section * How to add pages in WordPress * Setting up the HomePage and Menu * What is a Blog and how to add posts * Lets create a blog page * How to categorize posts * Understanding widgets * WordPress Settings and Permalinks * Comments and Comment Settings * WordPress theme customization * What are WordPress themes and how to work with them * What are WordPress Plugins and how to install and use them * WordPress users and memberships * Lets build a personal/resume website with WordPress * Which type of website we will create in this section? * Lets reset everything and start the project! * working with menus * Creating the Homepage * Logo and Topbar * Customizing the header * How to customize the content area of WordPress * Understanding elementor * Adding Background image and Overlay to enhance the look of the header * Header II * Adding buttons in the header * Lets make the main header transparent * About Me Section * Assign id to a section and action it with button * icon lists * Adding a great Call to action to get more clicks * CTA II * Creating a new hire me page * Adding a contact form in the hire me page * Adding the social links * Adding a popup plugin * Mobile optimizations * Popup optimizations * Working with the footer * Now build a personal/resume website and submit it * Lets Build another Business Website with WordPress * Which type of website we will create in this section? * Lets Create another Website * Adding wp in the addon domain * What is a subdomain? * Setting up the website in 7 minutes * Working with general settings * working with about page * Adding some Counters * Section Effects * Creating the contact page * Some Final touch ups * Now Build any business site and submit it for feedback * Now Lets Build a professional Blog with WordPress * Which type of website we will create in this section? * Setting up the new blog * Discussing the categories * Adding and deleting the demo content * working with the top bar and header * creating the header and adding some features (pro) * adding all posts * working with menus * Sidebar and top bar * Footer Section * Premade Layouts and About/Contact Us Pages * How to add customized blog posts * How to save and import a section to save your time * Now Lets build a professional Business WordPress Website * Which type of website we will create in this section? * Why you need Premium themes? * Installing wp in the sub domain * Setting up WordPress and installing WordPress Premium theme * Setting up the homepage * Working with header * Understanding the Builder * Working with the main header * Creating Our Services Section with some blurbs * Adding a CTA * Adding some testimonials * How we Work Section * Setting up the about Page * Adding some statistics * adding one more section * adding some counters * setting up the contact page * What is a special section and how it works * Contact Forms and Google MAPS with API * Understanding all the Modules I * Understanding all the Modules II * Understanding all the Modules III * Portfolio Section * Logo, footer and Topbar * How to create a customized footer and what is global element * adding some animations * Lets do the mobile optimization * Lets Build a Professional Blog (like mashable) with WordPress * 1:27:10 * Setting up the blog * Adding some amazing posts and author bio * Setting up some premade pages * Working home page * designing the category section * working with Category drop down menu * Secondary menu * Working with theme customizer * Building an eCommerce site with WordPress * What is an eCommerce site * setting up the site * Overviewing the whole plugin * Lets add our First Product * Working with general settings * Product Settings * Tax settings * Shipping methods * Checkout settings * Accounts and registration Settings * Category of the product * Understanding variable Products * Adding two variations * Understanding Group Products * Affiliate Products * Customizing the site * Category Advance * Customizing the homepage * How can a person buy from Our Site? * Understanding the use of Coupons * Testing a purchase with paypal sandbox * How to add a Credit Card option to your ecommerce website * Sidebar and widgets * Building a professional eCommerce site with WordPress * Setting up the site * Styling the header * Designing a great CTA * Designing the whole homepage * Designing the whole homepage II * Designing the Shop Page * Sidebar * Building another Professional WordPress eCommerce Site with more customization * Setting up the site * Adding the Premade Layout * About and Contact Page * Editing the products * Designing the shop page * Lets copy the exact homepage and customize it * Sidebar and designing the single product * Multi currency Option * Lets Build a Social Networking website with WordPress * Setting up the site * A Basic overview * Understanding types of forums * Social Network Settings * Designing the whole website * Sidebar * Email Marketing and LeadPages with WordPress * What is email marketing? * Integrating mailchimp with WP I * Integrating mailchimp with WP II * Sending Mail to all the Subscribers * How to create a Lead page with WP * Adding a mailchimp form in leadpage * Lets build a Booking Website with WordPress * Setting up the booking site * Adding our first bookable product * testing the order * hotel booking * Rent a Car Booking * Designing the whole website * Adding popup to enhance the user experience * Adding direct checkout to bypass cart * Lets Build a Classified website (like gumtree) with WordPress * Setting up the site * Lets Overview the whole theme * Categories and Custom Fields * Adding more ads * Customizing the Site * How to Migrate a WordPress Website * How to Migrate a WordPress website I * How to migrate a WordPress website II * WordPress SEO * Introduction to WordPress SEO Section * What is SEO * Which type of domain you should go for? * SEO Plugins and Web Hostings * Working with the SEO Plugins * Understanding the concept of keyword * Implementing keywords in a post/page * OutBound/Inbound links and Images * Understanding The Complete SEO Plugin for WordPress * Submitting our WordPress site to Search Engines * Speed Optimization and SSL * Introduction to this Section * Optimizing images * autooptomize * Getting a CDN * speeding up our WordPress site with CDN * How to check if ssl is working * SSL is working * How to fix green padlock * If the SSL isnt working, watch this lecture " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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