"UP! - Ultimate Morning Routine Course for Procrastinators"-Ref.:Udemy.com

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"UP! - Ultimate Morning Routine Course for Procrastinators"-Ref.:Udemy.com
Reference: https://www.udemy.com/up-ultimate-morning-routine-course-for-procrastinators/?couponCode=BDKBKJDBKBD
" * Morning Routines Explained, Free Resources & Professional Morning Routine Hacking Advice * What Will I Learn? * Increase your productivity level naturally by assessing dieting problems, mindset problems and motivational problems * Start the morning properly (based on your personality type and physical state) and become extremely productive from the second you wake up on * Learn how yoga can help you to become more relaxed but overall more productive and internally balanced while you work * Cook healthy meals and assess dieting problems quickly * Learn how to get into positive mindset and motivate yourself to get up and get things done * Learn how to cook a healthy breakfast that will help you to kickstart your day right away * Create clear thought-out plans every evening focussing on every aspect of life for you to execute on! * Understand which measures to take in order to become more happy and more relaxed every day * Understand the concept of visioning and how it help you to achieve your dreams * Learn how to use visions boards in order to motivate yourself and get things done quickly * Curriculum For This Course - Lectures  * Promotional Video * Information about the Instructor - Leon Chaudhari * Personal Request * Morning Routine Basics: The Basics of Building A Morning Routine * The Ultimate Goal Theory - How To Set Goals Properly * Setting Goals Before You Go To Bed - Goal Hacking * The Power of Visioning in the Morning - How Visioning Can Improve Your Morning * How To Not Check Social Media In The Morning * Exercise in the Morning - How I Changed My Life Through Exercise * Exercising in the Morning - How I Changed My Life Through Exercise (Part 2) * Sleeping Patterns & How To Control Them In Your Favor * Alarm-Setting: How To Kickstart Every Morning * Advanced Morning Routine Hacks: Morning Routine Modules * Yoga - Why You Should Be Practicing Yoga On A Daily Basis * The 30 min Habit - How To Read & Learn More Every Day * The Time-Energy Rule: How To Get More Done In A Shorter Time * Planing Ahead: How Planning Ahead Will Transform Your Life * The Power of Sunlight & How It Will Change The Way You Wake Up * Stretching Hacks - Why Stretching In The Morning Will Make You More Productive * The Difference Between Light & Heavy Food In The Morning - Food Hacks * Get Rid of the Snooze Button - Alarm Clock Hacking * The Right Amount of Sleep - How To Figure Out The Right Amount of Sleep * Why A Positive Mindset Is So Important * Drink More Water: How Staying Hydrated Helps You Become More Productive * Clean Up Your Desk Every Morning- Desk Cleaning Hacks * Stop Multitasking - How Multitasking Kills Your Productivity * Oxygen Hacks - How To Pump More Air Into Your Body * Butter Coffee - #1 Food Hack * Creating Rituals Easily - How To Hack Your Own Habits * How Get The Big Things Done First - Work Hacking * Peak Performancing - How I Push Myself To My Limits Daily * The Scientific Approach Behind Self-Awareness * How To Eat More Healthy - Foods Hacks For Your Daily Lives * Social Morning Ritual Hacking - How To Create A Mutual Morning Routine " - Ref.: Udemy.com 

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